Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Invisalign update!

Hello! It's been quite a couple of months since I started on my Invisalign so here's a quick update!
Sidenote: I'm typing this out before I nap then head to my dental appointment in the afternoon haha.

If you want more info on the basics/FAQs of Invisalign, you can read my original post HERE

I'm currently on set #11, out of an original stipulated 14 sets!

I say "stipulated" as this number is always open revision if during the treatment you decide you need further correction. Of course you can't choose to shorten the time & magically expect perfect teeth!

Recap: Each Invisalign set is changed every 2 weeks, thus 14 sets means the course of my treatment is 7 months. And being on the 11th set means it's been about 5 months!

Gosh it's actually only been such a short time but I feel like I've had them for ages because I've gotten so used to them! Wearing them is second nature/without a thought.

Pictures below are however from my 5th set, which puts treatment at ~2 months!

Here's my dental clinic! 

They have a few outlets; I usually go to Marina Square but on one occasion I went to their Bukit Timah one (located near Farrer Road). Marina Square is their newest outlet!

West Coast Dental Marina Square
Tel: 90303196

Raffles Boulevard #01-225 
Marina Square S(039594)

Monday to Friday:  10am – 8pm
Saturday: 10am - 5pm
P.H. & Sunday: Closed

On your first visit you'll get 2 Invisalign cases (for you to keep your aligners in during meals).
On subsequent visits the aligners are placed in these small pouches.

Each time you'll get 3 sets, which should last you 1.5 months! Each visit every 1.5 months is to collect new aligners & just to check that everything is going fine. Takes less than 15 minutes!

Of course if you're going to be away for a while or something like that, you can discuss with your dentist regarding getting more sets.

So on that day I received set #6, #7 & #8! Don't worry about ever mixing up the ziplocs or anything like that, as each aligner (top + bottom) has a small print stating which set number it is.

My usual close-lipped smile the last few years! 
I can't even remember how it was like to smile with teeth to be honest. Even though my teeth now are much, much straighter so I should lose the self-consciousness, I'm still not used to it!


Haha ok to note once again that this photo was taken after 2.5 months of treatment!
Surprisingly I can already see a difference.

The insert shows my teeth at the start of treatment, cropped from a picture in my first post!
You can already see how my front 2 teeth are less Bugs Bunnyish!

I'm not quite sure yet if it has affected my face shape! 
For some cases, protruding/uneven/whatever not jaws & lips can be corrected by getting your teeth fixed! It's hard to know without speaking to your dentist!

For my case, at the start my dentist informed me it wouldn't change my face much as I didn't do a large correction (mostly straightening & pushing back). However I'm still wondering if it has!

Unfortunately I see my face every day luh...

So can't tell hahahaha. And also I have stopped taking as many selfies as I did years ago (I swear) so I'm less up-to-date on how my face looks LOL. Previously I used to take pictures against a blank wall for adverts & so on, so a difference would have been easier to spot. In fact that was when I realised my teeth had shifted & were starting to look really obvious in pictures !*cries*

Here's a picture I took very, very recently. Clearly, on 31st December.
Don't know if there's a change! 
I'm wearing my aligners in this picture; set #11, so 5+ months treatment.

I'm out of focus so that she's in focus! #selfsacrifice

Invisalign is really great at being unnoticeable; most people get a shock when I suddenly take out my aligners before meals! (yah I have no shame I don't do it in private or anything haha)

As I have been repeating to my friends, if you're going to spend money on something it should be your teeth because that's really for a lifetime! Plus if you're going to look better, why not start younger right? And especially at your prime? Plus more years to enjoy looking better? LOL.

Call 90303196 to arrange a consultation!

P.S. Quote my name to get a special rate on your Invisalign!

And on to dinner at Hippopotamus after my appointment...
Just right opposite the clinic in fact!

When I was living in France as a child I ate at Hippopotamus all.the.time as it was one of those children-friendly family restaurants with activity books for each child at the table & so on!
So I was quite excited when it came to Singapore, though I must be honest that as a child I had no inkling whatsoever whether their steaks or even their food was good.

All I cared about were the free balloons you take home luh...

So now as a discerning 24-year-old connoisseur (lol), I must say I'm impressed!
The steaks were good & really value for money! I would definitely return.

Plus the pommes gratin (potatoes with cheese crust) & mushrooms were super yummy!
Major love both my sides (you can choose others). 

Everything on my plate was yummy!

Ok bye! Meeting my friend for coffee before my appointment as her slot is 2pm & mine is 4pm haha.

P.S. Do you guys obsess about what you eat/drink before a visit to the dentist's?

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas 2012

Remember I mentioned clearing my 2012 Europe pictures by 2014? (I say it like it's normal...)
WELL, ALMOST. I'm still left with my Norway pictures from the days after Christmas. 
But at least I'm not blogging Christmas 2012 in 2015...?

Back to topic. Christmas was spent at my half-sister's countryside home about 2 hours away from central Paris! Imagine my horror when I got there & realised... THEY HAVE NO WIFI THERE.

So... I paid $150 to Singtel for 5 days of data haha.

Here's beginning my last post of 2014 with a selfie:

With my half-nephew, Hugo!

What do people normally do in the countryside? Go for walks...

View of the house from the very end of the garden!

And some cows on the opposite side of the fence.

Some festive cuteness! But #adoptdontbuy #dontbuyapetjustbecauseitscute #bunniesarehardtocarefor

IMPOSTER #1 Spot the guinea pig hahaha

IMPOSTER #2 "Christmas Day. No one has noticed I'm not one of them"


I brought Santa hats! I have a ridiculous amount of festive-season-related novelty items.

L'aperitif! Champagne for the adults & sparkling juice for the kids.
I loveeee the crusty toasted baguettes with the various toppings. Major yummy.

Looking at my flip-out screen instead of the camera lens #basicallyeverypersontousemycamera

Random Hello Kitty lock I got from a turn-turn machine at the supermarket!

Began the last post of 2014 with a selfie, ending the last post of 2014 with a selfie.

May or may not do a "summary of 2014" thingamajig...
May or may not do resolutions... (I never do any because I know they'll fail LOL)

Have fun with yours! 
Till then,


♥ ♥ ♥ 

Friday, December 12, 2014

Behind The Scenes

I don't usually take my pictures at any specific place. Most of the time I try to simply wear out whatever item I want to feature for an #ootd (lol) & snap it with... my iPhone.

On this particular day I headed out with my DSLR (Canon 700D). Which I don't really know how to use either. I mean I roughly know ISO & exposure, but frankly most of the time I just use Auto mode...

Anyway, went to a (what I thought was) deserted & quiet stretch of road near my home, although I generally hate large amounts of greenery in my pictures. Look at the damned things below. So bloody much... green. And yellow. Idk! I don't like warm/pastel tones either, but I'd pick that over cold tones.



So this is just a random update because I was tired of posts needing hours & hours of editing.

Life has been alright so far, though I've never liked the festive season that much.
I know, can you say Grinch?

But really, I feel the festivities have become so commercialised. May also stem from the fact that I hate giving & receiving gifts! Thus, the worst season ever for such a person haha.
I hate stressing over what to pick, will they like it, how will they react...

Me: "Shit it's pouring so I should wear slippers but I'm wearing jeans & then I'd be committing that deadly jeans + slippers sin" -> #firstworldproblems

Also, 2015 horoscope predictions are out already so I've spent my time reading mine & selectively remembering positive traits. Oh wait, is that one of my negative traits then? #inception #leo