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Friday, December 22, 2006
Mother is in Korea right now, land of Goong and My Lovely Samsoon. Someone is staying at my house now with her 12year old son, looking after my dog.

A 12year old boy, on the brink of puberty. I hope he doesn't go rummaging in my underwear drawer.

I'm so bored I even started drawing. Against popular belief, I can actually draw okay! (I hope)

We're leaving tomorrow to go up north, near the sea (in winter, I ask you). There may or may not be a computer, till then, farewell.
Wednesday, December 20, 2006
Welcome to my exciting life! I er, completed two jigsaw puzzles and collected my new spectacles.

My skin is so dry.. I hear you screaming moisturiser but I'm lazy.

My dad takes great delight in forcing me to go for these countryside walks.

Hahahaha my dad makes me wear these if I'm watching something on tv that he doesn't want to hear.

My father's dog.

We went to Auchan again:

I had no idea scallops came from these.

Got tongue and all that eh!!


Sophie will camwhore when she's bored..

Friday, December 15, 2006
Good things about being in France:

- My Kinder Bueno does not melt
- My dad sees no wrong in throwing away food whereas my mother is the woman who tricked me into believing Thou shalt not waste food was one of the Ten Commandements
- French commercials are nice
- There are no commercials during shows on tv

PAE posting is out, I got my second choice!!
St Andrews (Science), haha so relieved.
Sunday, December 10, 2006
I am not spared of eyebags even in France as you can see:

Eh my boyfriend

Google Earth

St Margs!

Singapore (yes I was very bored)

Gym girls on the last day of school

Yay giant snowglobe

It's a chair decorated in recognition of the Grimm brothers.
250euros, a mere S$500! (who am I kidding)

I while my time away, reading comic books and sleeping (darn you persistent eyebags).
Thursday, December 07, 2006
I'm in FRANCE!!

Addie was supposed to help me blog my departure but the smart girl forgot my username.

Watched Step Up, YouMeandDupree and Pirates of the Caribbean2 on the plane! (Eh saved $9.50 movie ticket on Step Up..)

Met Sonia in Paris, had giant salads and er shopped for lingerie.

Just reached my dad's house in the south, temperature's about 11-18°C .

This was ages ago, Rachel FINALLY uploaded it

Photos from sentosa:

Phtos with Rachel on friday!

Rachel: "Mango's mascot. "

Eh can see my fats

Predator(Sophie) and unsuspecting prey(Rachel)

I'm s-s-smoking (a fork)

Don't mess, McCafe Oreo Cheesecake!

Sophie's outing to Auchan:

The cashier!

Haha I'm fairly sure he heard the shutter sound of the camera.
Wednesday, November 29, 2006
Vivo City at the unearthly hour of 10am. I left the house at like, 9.40am?? Cab is the answer. Haha I can tell myself that at least I'm contributing to Singapore's thriving economy.

Tabatha is unmistakeable with her new AUSSIE accent haha darn I should have recorded it.

You gotta love Toys R Us:

It's alot harder than it looks!

See, Sophie's legs can bend to an awkward angle

Tabatha, Emiko, Sophie

Sophie all day long gone from the picture I swear.

EH see hair not long enough cannot fly

Sophie + random girl

(Emiko is a camwhore)

(see still want to camwhore more)

I'm a happy girl because I bought Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince for a measly $9.95 from Borders and you suckers paid $45.10.

(Yeah yeah I got it a year later but I read it when it came out anyway!)