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Sunday, May 28, 2006
Cross country:
Hahahah it wasn't that terrible, Crystal and I weren't even panting because we were just walking like the whole way.

When we came in, Mrs Tay announced that the "REAR RUNNERS HAVE ARRIVED". HAHAHAHAH wah check it out, we're the first of the rear runners then.

After school Erika and I hung around, speaking to MOELC about including our French marks into our report card.

1st phone call to MOELC:
Erika- Hello we're students from St Margeret's Secondary, etc etc
2nd phone call to MOELC:
Sophie- Hello, I'm a student from ST NIC'S..
Hahaha we figured the receptionist was damn pissed with the first caller (us) already.

Ah and no they refused to include our marks.

We happened to notice all the teachers clustered on the old dance studio level, having the TIME OF THEIR LIVES while they were supposedly at A COURSE.

Went to spy on them and then made paper cranes with the paper they left in the corridor.

Asked Mrs Raj to bring out some food for us and she rolled her eyes at me, but a minute later came back with PANDAN CAKE for us! Hahaha not bad what.

Then we started talking about teachers, like Mr Anthony and LeeSB being friends to come up with new ways to torment us, when Miss Shen came out and told us they could hear us from inside!

Watched a FIVE HOUR DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES MARATHON on tv! Hahahaha me HAPPY GIRL already, slept at 5am because I spent another hour reading DaVinciCode.

SoRxX, boring girl Sophie went to the library where she roamed around the area (Ang Mo Kio). Courts was playing EMINEM loudly, in a strange bid to entice people to come in??

What if I had been ambushed by a bunch of hooligan BeNgs!

Watched TheRing that night.

Woke up for unknown reason at 5.30am, and was too afraid to go back to sleep for fear of TheRing girl padding softly into my room!

So I only slept 4hours please, and at 9.15am, caught a cab down to Dhoby Gaut to meet Sonia, Teresa and Jiemin to go to Teresa's church.

Sonia and I lunched with the LIM FAMILY, then they left while Sonia and I continued our antics in front of a camera in a Sony shop, till the shop guy rather indiscreteely hinted to us to get out haha.

Roamed around more, tailed a couple of French girls we encountered in Wisma, because they went around exclaiming everything was "SI BEAU" ( VERY NICE) when the item in particular was rather uh..
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