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Wednesday, May 24, 2006
Haha just had a conversation with Sherry online, her mom strongly believes that massaging your boobs makes them bigger and so does Sherry. HAHA wah now I know Sherry's SECRET already, I can imagine her every night in front of the mirror massaging her boobs.

Had this interview with a New Paper journalist yesterday, like about ONE YEAR AFTER NEW FACE or whatever. (I don't know how they calculated one year, but whatever)

Then they made me stand near this fountain while they took pictures, so my shoes got pretty darn wet.

But before that in school, SONIA MAO smeared CAKE INTO MY HAIR okay!! Haha because I threatened Bliss with cake on her face (Bliss YELPED like a cow bit her hahaha). Then Sonia and I were like holding cake in each other's face etc, and her AIM DAMN LOUSY LAH, instead of my face, she got my hair.

I didn't have time to wash my hair before I went to meet the journalist, not bad what, my hair smelt of coffee cream and was damn sticky.

Of course they asked the dreaded
What JC do you want to go to?

Yeah and I asnwered RJC, although I really really don't know how the hell I'm gonna get in, but I didn't want to lie just because I was afraid of being dissapointed and embarrassed and say "I don't know".

So. I put myself on the line.
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