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Wednesday, June 14, 2006
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Frances and I trying to climb over the gate to go Macdonalds! Frances sucks, she didn't dare go over. Stole this off Iryani's blog! (photographer Iryani what)

Haha there was an article on Sunday about the scouting thing and my mom was like:

"Never stand next to someone busty! Makes you look flat!!!" (photgrapher placed us but anyway)

Hahaha byebye Sherry and Weifen. From now on I shall content myself with taking pictures next to Addie or Sonia.

Eh Sunday night I was like sitting there doing Chemistry TYS (check it out, I'm STUDYING) and I started to feel depressed (never listen to sad songs ever again). I was replying a message on my phone when I just started CRYING for no reason okay. Hahaha so at 1am I decided to go watch Extreme Makeover on tv and eat grapes.

Eight points of my perfect lover:
1. GORGEOUS! (especially nice eyes)
2. Funny
3. TALLER THAN ME thank you. Preferably by 7cm so I can wear heels
4. SLEEPS LATE like me! (so I can randomly message him at 2am and expect a reply)
5. Has to be the one taking the first step!
6. Nice voice
7. Is not afraid to look silly
8. Uh preferably doesn't sound TOO BAD when singing

Haha I'm lazy to go tag anyone to do the lover thing as well.
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