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Tuesday, June 06, 2006
Haha my blogskin picture is this postcard I picked up and took off the sponsors..etc and put my name, photo, the ducks and the starfish.

Brrr oral was okay-ish, I hate the question that came out for conversation:

"Describe a race you took part in."

Do I look like I join marathons to you??

Sigh, goodbye SINGLISH SOPHIE! From now on, I shall uh.. incorporate good vocab into my everyday speech?? Grr. But a phrase somehow sounds more apt when it's punctuated by a "lah".

Bah, anyway the other day I was lying on my bed randomly flipping through my bio file, noticing I had done my corrections wrongly.

I am LAZY, so I spent like FIVE MINUTES trying to will my green pen to come flying to me.
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