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Friday, June 30, 2006
I have finally moved!

Never liked miss-manage anyway, it was back in my infantile and desperate days (okay 6months ago. We were all doing a miss-thing but all the names I didn't mind were taken)

Maggie-meed at Weifen's house, she showered and came into the room wearing nothing but a TOWEL, and then just her bra (YES and FBTs thank you). I bet all of you are salivating now!

Height and weight taken during PE today, 1.71cm! However I put on 1kg, 1cm growth DOES NOT equals 1kg!

Haha my mother created a blog once, but never posted. Addie reckoned posts would go something like this:
"Sophie's growing up soo FAST, it seemed just yesterday that she was still crawling."

Mother kept a diary during her pregnancy. 25th July 1990 at 5.20pm. (I do not miss a chance to mention my birthday)

I indulge in self-absorption for my blogskin haha.
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  1. NO WAY. my birthday is the day after yours, 89. unnnnreal!!!! :D :D :D