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Thursday, June 01, 2006
I'm grounded.

Yes although I didn't do like terribly for MYE, Miss Siti told my mom that I am complacent, with a la-di-la attitude and that I uh go out too much (my foot lah please, Miss Siti is exaggerating)..etc. And therefore, I am grounded till the end of eternity.

And if I do get to go out, it's for special occasions, and have to pay back extra hours of studying, as if it were some penance for having fun.

Not bad what.

So my last outing of the year was on Monday, when I went to watch XMen3 with Sonia and Erika.

Sonia and Erika: I won't have children because the world is ending.

Hahahah I can't believe I have such friends, that is like one of the weirdest statements I have heard in a while.
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