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Saturday, June 10, 2006
The past week has mostly just been morning smses to Rachel and Addie:

"Oh my gosh I just left the house only!"
"Hahaha me too! Eh we've been late the whole week."

And so on.

Bingo during Geography with Phebe, Iryani, Penny..etc to pass the time.

The nipple hair thing is getting old, but anyway it is not NIPPLE HAIR itself, but the hair around the nipple okay! No one has hair sprouting from the nipple itself like palm trees. And it said in SEVENTEEN that you can pluck them out. It was just easier to say nipple-hair than hair-around-the-nipple?

New Face scouting today, seven of us went to Female's beach party in Sentosa to scout for contestants. Haha eh anyone we scout bypasses the first round and sraight to auditions okay.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Happy Sophie who got a goodie bag! Haha but I don't look very happy here.

Yes they lent us polaroid cameras to take pictures of the girls we scouted. $20 for a film of TEN PICTURES please, never ever get a polaroid camera.

Turnout wasn't very good though, why we scouted at Sentosa and not town or something is completely beyond me. Ducked volleyballs and did extremely fake videos for the podcast cameramen:

"Oh look I think I spot someone in the shop! Let's go see!"
"The search is over, I think we've got some with potential!"

"Cluster around her like you're trying to convince her."
"Can you take her measurements again? I didn't get a shot."


Haha damn fake please, we only scouted for like an hour, with a max total of only 10 girls.

Dinner on SPH, and $100 for pretty much nothing.
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