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Tuesday, June 27, 2006
Yay, the heymath website looks so much more appealing saying "you have no assignments due".

Mother wasn't here from Saturday morning to Sunday night! Couch potato I watched From Hell on tv, Johnny Depp! I seem to be taking a liking to angular features. Oh and From Hell seems to be a derivative of Jack the Ripper, he rips out the uterus of his victims. (I bet you so wanted to know that!)

Mother has very enthusiastically stuck this football chart on our living room wall to keep track of the matches. The only problem is, she somehow manages to fill in scores of matches BEFORE they occur.

I got bored on Sunday so I stood in front of the mirror to cut my fringe.

My birthday is soon! MARK IT DOWN EVERYONE!

(At least I have not resorted to changing my blogskin to a birthday-themed one as a subtle hint like last year. NOTE: do not assume I am still not doing it)
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