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Saturday, June 17, 2006
You know the other when I was at the bus top, some stupid plank was blocking the bus guide thing so I lifted it up and it promptly fell on my head. Bruise on my forehead.

So not only am I grounded, I am disfigured while I'm at it.

I have often not been showering these past few days. So I wake up, and shower the next day. Hahaha don't scream in horror okay. I have also not been washing my hair, waiting up to 3 days before I do.

My french neighbour just IM-ed me, and I am greatly amused to discover his blog. FRENCH BLOGS!! He is one year younger but already my height(1.7m), SEE FRENCH BOYS ARE TALLER.

It should be easier to find a guy with my minimum requirements (hopefully) of 177m in France then.

It's decided then, I shall go find myself a boyfriend there.
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