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Monday, July 10, 2006

Chemistry, Erika asked me to smell the chlorine gas although we didn't need to.

At Toni and Guy Academy, bored and ugly.

Hahaha Sherry at her glamorous best.

On the bus home with Addie, we were sitting in the last row and the bus suddenly braked, sending all of us crashing to the seat in front of us. BUT, the woman beside Addie, being in the center with no seat in front, flew from her seat, down the stairs, to land in front of the exit.
(insert collective audible gasp here)

She ws more or less unharmed, it was SO SCARY okay, I thought she would break her teeth.

Johnny Depp's looking cuter and cuter. That would be my main incentive to ever want to go to Hollywood (kindly ignore fact that this is beyond impossible), so that I could rub elbows with these Beautiful People! (Hollywood or footballer girlfriend please)
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