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Saturday, July 15, 2006
I don't know what to blog about.

My mom told me I used to get bullied as a kid. I was just the kind who would let things roll of my back, a pacifist I told her (history keywords spring up).

I think that's how I go through life, I continue with things and keep on the surface.

Like if things don't bother me too much, I just leave it. Haha I just realised that I apply this in daily life ALOT, my mother always complains how I just leave things till they really have to be done.

I rarely feel strongly about anything, everything's more or less "whatever" to me, like going this way is fine, but the other is too, either way doesn't thrill me, nor does it bother me.

As a mind-numbing resort to my pensive state, I engage in the ever faithful Neopets.

I post amusing pictures to lessen somber tone of my post!

Why dogs bite their owners:

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