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Thursday, August 03, 2006
The other day I went with Christina to pierce her ears AGAIN. She just sat there and had absolutely no reaction whatsoever! She just stared stonily ahead, could have been admiring the scenery for all you know.


Your worst nightmare.

Diana turned up my house carrying a handbag so I did too, ALL DIANA'S FAULT. I had to cuddle up to Xiao Xuan on the bus back because I was freezing!

The musical itself was just average, but I fell asleep anyway.

Famous Hakkas:
Dr Sun Yat Sen! (history students in the KNOW)
Deng Xiao Ping! (ditto)
He was born into a Dabu Hakka family. He once said to Deng Xiaoping:
"How interesting it would be, if my grandfather stayed behind in Dabu and your grandfather migrated to Singapore".

Yes for all who do not know, Deng Xiao Ping was China's leader.

And if you can guess, I'm half Hakka.
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