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Friday, September 22, 2006
Sophie is not made for tanning! I got burnt in all the places where I didn't bother putting on
sunBLOCK, just check out my feet.

Oooh mrt reflections make us look slim (imparted knowledge from Sherry)

Phebe's cake!

My goodness the eyebags ahhh

Ecstatic birthday girl

PERVERTS snapped a shot of my fats when I changed shorts!

Sophie perseveares in dragging Camille out to swim

-Sophie, Phebe, Camille, Jane
The four sea adventurers leap for joy! (other lazy bums onshore refuse to get wet)

The full crew! (ahem, according to height)
-Sophie, Sherry, Jane, Phebe, RachelNg, Camille, Addie

Leaving the beach, haha I'm wearing a cap and a CARDIGAN
(geog student-> sea breeze what)
-Sophie, RachelNg, Phebe, Addie, Camille, Jane, Sherry

After bathing-
Height slope (Sherry's favourite concept)

EH my eyes only LOOK closed, it's the angle!!!!

Jane and Sherry left, rest of us proceeded to bum around in town.


Sophie gets laughed at in school for sunburn haha.

Stolen from Rachel, EMOTICON FACES!
-Rachel, Diana, Sherry, Germaine, Jane, Phebe, Sophie

Last friday (stolen from Rachel, haha note green scribbly thing at bottom):


Okay bye bye, Neopets game page has been open too long, it's CALLING FOR ME.
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