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New Face 2006

Tuesday, October 17, 2006
New Face rehearsals last Thursday:

Haha guess who was there bitches. ( Yes and you see the apparition of my trusty cardigan again)
I kinda took the pictures to kinda spite whoever may be a fan hahaha.

But they're all tall kids okay, I was wearing heels, making me about 178cm?

(diana screaming at me already)

I should like never have washed my shoulder after that.
I voted for him okay.

Haha he said he had to change his number because people kept calling him after SGidol.

2nd runner-up and 1st runner-up

New Face 06 Finals on Friday:

Sophie is a very lazy girl, it's the red waisted belt outfit AGAIN

HAHA garage girl! (Subaru's the main sponsor this year)

One of last year's finalists with me, EMIKO!

I SWEAR I DIDN'T ASK FOR THIS SHOT OKAY!!! See, it's for that silly girl there, Emiko.

This year's MC was Jamie Yoh. Haha my friend and I gatecrashed while she was changing because we were searching for the FOOD. Shan Wee was there too, Emiko got a shot with him but I didn't! (Diana would have murdered me, she wanted to stalk him last time please)

Went for the after-party at some bar full of angmohs. Free food and drinks! (Sophie= terrible freeloader) Like only 3 of us exfinalists went :(

It was a lot more downplayed than last year's. Only had 3slices of pizza and one vodka lime before Emiko asked to leave ("3 slices is alot Sophie!!!" -Addie).

And the perk is.... I got paid to attend hahahahaha.

Report book; Prelims-
L1R5 alright-ish, about best I can say of it.

Remarks: Sophie yada yada yada. However, she should learn to be punctual for school

Hahahahah oh dear.
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