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Wednesday, November 29, 2006
Vivo City at the unearthly hour of 10am. I left the house at like, 9.40am?? Cab is the answer. Haha I can tell myself that at least I'm contributing to Singapore's thriving economy.

Tabatha is unmistakeable with her new AUSSIE accent haha darn I should have recorded it.

You gotta love Toys R Us:

It's alot harder than it looks!

See, Sophie's legs can bend to an awkward angle

Tabatha, Emiko, Sophie

Sophie all day long gone from the picture I swear.

EH see hair not long enough cannot fly

Sophie + random girl

(Emiko is a camwhore)

(see still want to camwhore more)

I'm a happy girl because I bought Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince for a measly $9.95 from Borders and you suckers paid $45.10.

(Yeah yeah I got it a year later but I read it when it came out anyway!)
Monday, November 27, 2006
Sigh after SSS, Sonia, Sherry, Addie, RachelNg and I went to DXO. The music was pretty bad most of the time, at one point they were even playing SPICE GIRLS.

Haha Sonia Mao was taught how to grind, Camille and Jesslyn were naturals at it.

After DXO we(Sherry, Sonia and I) sat opposite the Esplanade with some others. A bottle of Vodka was bought and passed around.

Sonia and I stopped Sherry by the third round but the two of us continued till the bottle was empty.

Sigh Sophie, never drink on an empty stomach.

Haha I quote Sherry: "Truth/dare was just queer. Soaps and Sonia ahhhh. :'D shhhhhhh"

You will find the patch of grass opposite the Esplanade full of my puke. Sherry came back to my house and crashed into my bed, FULLY DRESSED AND SMELLY.

Post OLevels pictures

Sherry, Sophie and Sherry's $12 clip

Addie, Phebe, Camille, Sherry, Sophie, RachelNg

The movie we didn't even watch

Saturday, November 25, 2006
The past few days have mostly been a blur of eyebags and a lack of sleep, plus my camera is still not fixed.

MOS with Addie, Phebe, RachelNg, Camille, Sherry, Angel and Jesslyn. Wah the bouncer asked me to write my Chinese name for him and obviously I couldn't, luckily he still let me through.

Phebe and Camille slept at my house that night! We came back and cooked maggimee and sausages!

Stolen off Phebe's blog:
Anyway, Sophie and Camille ROLLED all the way into my BED SPACE and began pushing me to the wall. So I spent my entire sleeping time STUCK SO CLOSE TO THE WALL. Plus both pulled the blanket away and Camille stole my pillow.
Sophie and Camille sleep like LOGS.
They stayed in the same position for like FIVE hours.
OMG, what horrible friends. HAHA.

Rubbish lorz, it's all Camille's fault. She was in the middle, when she pulls the blanket away I have no choice but to squeeze inwards further what.

Prom! Okay in the end it wasn't as big a deal as expected. It seems as though we paid money to just go there and get the thing done as quickly as possible and then to be shoo-ed out of the room.


Diana, Sophie, RachelKoh, Addie, Camille, Sherry, Phebe, RachelNg, Yolanda

Yay don't need to get costume for SSS-masquerade already

Prom queen in the centre!

Height slope

Cocolatte after that, it was a little weird because the place was quite empty. That means no neck-crushing jostling on the dancefloor but then the ambience was less hyped up.

Addie and I smart girls, we stayed rooted to standing on the podiums where no one can come bother us.

Random guy TRESPASSING IN OUR SPACE: "Eh I've got no space!"
(Sophie elbowing him what)
Addie: "Three's a crowd"

Slept at Waterfront Hotel that night, never mess with a long-haired pale Sophie in the night, especially when she's armed with a torchlight under her face.

Phebe, Camille, Addie and I lazed around at the hotel cafeteria for a while.

Went down to Zouk in the evening for a runway show I was doing.

We had to walk down holding stuff like cameras or wearing watches, the show itself was relatively short yay.

One of the other girls had a GUM piercing, it was quite surprising haha, never saw one before.

It's a mere hour away from our SSS-masquerade party and I barely have the drive to get dressed.

Tons of people jsut backed out on us last minute and if we could cancel we would have.

sher ry ; I <3>
eh my friend wants to buy your nametag
sophie; send me prom pictures! says:
sher ry ; I <3>

that dumbass
Monday, November 20, 2006
Sophie Loser Girl, I think I'm the only one who hasn't updated after the end of Olevels. (ooohh look, Addie loser-ier girl, SHIT she just beat me while my post was saved in drafts!)

Haha our post-Olevel life so far very.. exciting ah (bumming-fest)

Although Olevels are over, I find myself getting even LESS sleep because I would suddenly decided that re-reading Order of the Phoenix was a worthwhile event and read it till 5am.

Hello eyebags.

Sherry and I changed after History paper and went to meet the others in town. (gave up phone shopping) Watched Final Call! (Japanese horror show) I swear it has the greatest number of loopholes in its storyline possible.

PLomB dress shopping for RachelNg. Went to meet RachelKoh while the lazy flies (sherry+rachelng) left for dinner then we bummed around.

Haha after endless hours of bumming, RachelKoh and I then bummed at Rocky Master's with Hazel and Zhen.

SONIA MAO did NOT come for SSS-party preparations. Sherry and I did the cow for pin-the-tail-on-the-cow (sorry donkey dunno how to draw) and some streamers.

Got my new phone yay!

Sherry at my house now, freeloading off my computer and screaming at SP.
Wednesday, November 15, 2006
Friday and I'm a free little bird!

I swear this is damn sick:

Friday, November 03, 2006
Sophie (watching tv): Eee the new James Bond is ugly! He looks like he fell out of reality show Survivor!!
Mother: They should have gotten that Jack Hughman!
Sophie (perplexed): HUH?! Oh HUGH JACKMAN ah
Mother: Jack the human what!

Everyone, please boycott Casino Royale.

Olevels make me so depressed even Neopets doesn't cheer me up, I now rely solely on silly sitcoms like Pua Chu Kang (my beacon of light in the darkness).

In contrast however, I have now watched Princess Hours dvd (24episodes okay) about 2-3 times through.

Sigh Sophie, stop coming online, bye bye.