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Monday, November 27, 2006
Sigh after SSS, Sonia, Sherry, Addie, RachelNg and I went to DXO. The music was pretty bad most of the time, at one point they were even playing SPICE GIRLS.

Haha Sonia Mao was taught how to grind, Camille and Jesslyn were naturals at it.

After DXO we(Sherry, Sonia and I) sat opposite the Esplanade with some others. A bottle of Vodka was bought and passed around.

Sonia and I stopped Sherry by the third round but the two of us continued till the bottle was empty.

Sigh Sophie, never drink on an empty stomach.

Haha I quote Sherry: "Truth/dare was just queer. Soaps and Sonia ahhhh. :'D shhhhhhh"

You will find the patch of grass opposite the Esplanade full of my puke. Sherry came back to my house and crashed into my bed, FULLY DRESSED AND SMELLY.

Post OLevels pictures

Sherry, Sophie and Sherry's $12 clip

Addie, Phebe, Camille, Sherry, Sophie, RachelNg

The movie we didn't even watch

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