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Monday, November 20, 2006
Sophie Loser Girl, I think I'm the only one who hasn't updated after the end of Olevels. (ooohh look, Addie loser-ier girl, SHIT she just beat me while my post was saved in drafts!)

Haha our post-Olevel life so far very.. exciting ah (bumming-fest)

Although Olevels are over, I find myself getting even LESS sleep because I would suddenly decided that re-reading Order of the Phoenix was a worthwhile event and read it till 5am.

Hello eyebags.

Sherry and I changed after History paper and went to meet the others in town. (gave up phone shopping) Watched Final Call! (Japanese horror show) I swear it has the greatest number of loopholes in its storyline possible.

PLomB dress shopping for RachelNg. Went to meet RachelKoh while the lazy flies (sherry+rachelng) left for dinner then we bummed around.

Haha after endless hours of bumming, RachelKoh and I then bummed at Rocky Master's with Hazel and Zhen.

SONIA MAO did NOT come for SSS-party preparations. Sherry and I did the cow for pin-the-tail-on-the-cow (sorry donkey dunno how to draw) and some streamers.

Got my new phone yay!

Sherry at my house now, freeloading off my computer and screaming at SP.
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