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Wednesday, November 29, 2006
Vivo City at the unearthly hour of 10am. I left the house at like, 9.40am?? Cab is the answer. Haha I can tell myself that at least I'm contributing to Singapore's thriving economy.

Tabatha is unmistakeable with her new AUSSIE accent haha darn I should have recorded it.

You gotta love Toys R Us:

It's alot harder than it looks!

See, Sophie's legs can bend to an awkward angle

Tabatha, Emiko, Sophie

Sophie all day long gone from the picture I swear.

EH see hair not long enough cannot fly

Sophie + random girl

(Emiko is a camwhore)

(see still want to camwhore more)

I'm a happy girl because I bought Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince for a measly $9.95 from Borders and you suckers paid $45.10.

(Yeah yeah I got it a year later but I read it when it came out anyway!)
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