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Friday, June 30, 2006
I have finally moved!

Never liked miss-manage anyway, it was back in my infantile and desperate days (okay 6months ago. We were all doing a miss-thing but all the names I didn't mind were taken)

Maggie-meed at Weifen's house, she showered and came into the room wearing nothing but a TOWEL, and then just her bra (YES and FBTs thank you). I bet all of you are salivating now!

Height and weight taken during PE today, 1.71cm! However I put on 1kg, 1cm growth DOES NOT equals 1kg!

Haha my mother created a blog once, but never posted. Addie reckoned posts would go something like this:
"Sophie's growing up soo FAST, it seemed just yesterday that she was still crawling."

Mother kept a diary during her pregnancy. 25th July 1990 at 5.20pm. (I do not miss a chance to mention my birthday)

I indulge in self-absorption for my blogskin haha.
Tuesday, June 27, 2006
Yay, the heymath website looks so much more appealing saying "you have no assignments due".

Mother wasn't here from Saturday morning to Sunday night! Couch potato I watched From Hell on tv, Johnny Depp! I seem to be taking a liking to angular features. Oh and From Hell seems to be a derivative of Jack the Ripper, he rips out the uterus of his victims. (I bet you so wanted to know that!)

Mother has very enthusiastically stuck this football chart on our living room wall to keep track of the matches. The only problem is, she somehow manages to fill in scores of matches BEFORE they occur.

I got bored on Sunday so I stood in front of the mirror to cut my fringe.

My birthday is soon! MARK IT DOWN EVERYONE!

(At least I have not resorted to changing my blogskin to a birthday-themed one as a subtle hint like last year. NOTE: do not assume I am still not doing it)
Saturday, June 24, 2006

Hahaha Sherry's going to kill me. Sherry, your guardian angel gave it to me!

My fridge is devoid of food. Wow: rice, dark chocolate(ew) and a packet of chrysanthemum tea. I had JACOBs BISCUITS for lunch yesterday??

Mother: Girls are getting bustier these days, oh wait, except for someone.
Then proceeds to laugh while I wallow in the lack of breasts. Hahaha boob genes got lost somewhere along the way from her to me.

Was flipping through the mail yesterday, it was just bills and more bills. So I gently suggested to Mother that she write me a letter so I could receive something in the mail.

Marriage anecdotes:

At a cocktail party, one woman said to another, "Aren't you wearing your wedding ring on the wrong finger?"
"Yes, I am. I married the wrong man."

A lady inserted an ad in the classifieds: "Husband Wanted"
Next day she received a hundred letters.
They all said the same thing: "You can have mine."

A Woman's Prayer:
Dear Lord, I pray for Wisdom, to understand a man, to love and to forgive him, and for Patience, for his moods. Because, Lord, if I pray for Strength, I'll just beat him to death

Wednesday, June 21, 2006
Sunday night:
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Look! Here's a picture to show the full length of my hair at its tamest (after washed and blowdryed). I realise I like never let down my hair, which kind of defeats the purpose of having long hair.

Met Sherry, Steven and Richie to go for MOS' Rebirth. 16 and above, but MOS was being strict and insisted on going BY DATE okay. Plus they didn't allow ezlink cards (Sherry). And Steven, who's 17, got banned because they caught him bringing in liquor.

Haha so we went down to Zouk instead, the bouncer didn't want to let us in either because they were going by date too! But finally he relented and let Sherry and I in, but said "Ladies first" and made Steven and Richie queue.

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Everyone there can be split into like:
-Hardcore dancers
-Losers who got bounced elsewhere
-Freeloaders (it's a free party as long as you have invites)

Umm I prefer to say we're the last one haha.

Following morning I dreamt Steven, Sherry and I were going to go for a make-over??
Doorbell rings.
WHAT Steven's here already?? What is Sherry thinking! (why on earth he would come to my house for a makeover is beyond me)
Doorbell continues ringing.
Maybe if I ignore it, Steven will go away.

Finally the doorbell's insistent ringing rouses me form my sleep and I totter out braless and with my blisters leaving much to be desired to greet the meter changing guy.
Saturday, June 17, 2006
You know the other when I was at the bus top, some stupid plank was blocking the bus guide thing so I lifted it up and it promptly fell on my head. Bruise on my forehead.

So not only am I grounded, I am disfigured while I'm at it.

I have often not been showering these past few days. So I wake up, and shower the next day. Hahaha don't scream in horror okay. I have also not been washing my hair, waiting up to 3 days before I do.

My french neighbour just IM-ed me, and I am greatly amused to discover his blog. FRENCH BLOGS!! He is one year younger but already my height(1.7m), SEE FRENCH BOYS ARE TALLER.

It should be easier to find a guy with my minimum requirements (hopefully) of 177m in France then.

It's decided then, I shall go find myself a boyfriend there.
Wednesday, June 14, 2006
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Frances and I trying to climb over the gate to go Macdonalds! Frances sucks, she didn't dare go over. Stole this off Iryani's blog! (photographer Iryani what)

Haha there was an article on Sunday about the scouting thing and my mom was like:

"Never stand next to someone busty! Makes you look flat!!!" (photgrapher placed us but anyway)

Hahaha byebye Sherry and Weifen. From now on I shall content myself with taking pictures next to Addie or Sonia.

Eh Sunday night I was like sitting there doing Chemistry TYS (check it out, I'm STUDYING) and I started to feel depressed (never listen to sad songs ever again). I was replying a message on my phone when I just started CRYING for no reason okay. Hahaha so at 1am I decided to go watch Extreme Makeover on tv and eat grapes.

Eight points of my perfect lover:
1. GORGEOUS! (especially nice eyes)
2. Funny
3. TALLER THAN ME thank you. Preferably by 7cm so I can wear heels
4. SLEEPS LATE like me! (so I can randomly message him at 2am and expect a reply)
5. Has to be the one taking the first step!
6. Nice voice
7. Is not afraid to look silly
8. Uh preferably doesn't sound TOO BAD when singing

Haha I'm lazy to go tag anyone to do the lover thing as well.
Saturday, June 10, 2006
The past week has mostly just been morning smses to Rachel and Addie:

"Oh my gosh I just left the house only!"
"Hahaha me too! Eh we've been late the whole week."

And so on.

Bingo during Geography with Phebe, Iryani, Penny..etc to pass the time.

The nipple hair thing is getting old, but anyway it is not NIPPLE HAIR itself, but the hair around the nipple okay! No one has hair sprouting from the nipple itself like palm trees. And it said in SEVENTEEN that you can pluck them out. It was just easier to say nipple-hair than hair-around-the-nipple?

New Face scouting today, seven of us went to Female's beach party in Sentosa to scout for contestants. Haha eh anyone we scout bypasses the first round and sraight to auditions okay.

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Happy Sophie who got a goodie bag! Haha but I don't look very happy here.

Yes they lent us polaroid cameras to take pictures of the girls we scouted. $20 for a film of TEN PICTURES please, never ever get a polaroid camera.

Turnout wasn't very good though, why we scouted at Sentosa and not town or something is completely beyond me. Ducked volleyballs and did extremely fake videos for the podcast cameramen:

"Oh look I think I spot someone in the shop! Let's go see!"
"The search is over, I think we've got some with potential!"

"Cluster around her like you're trying to convince her."
"Can you take her measurements again? I didn't get a shot."


Haha damn fake please, we only scouted for like an hour, with a max total of only 10 girls.

Dinner on SPH, and $100 for pretty much nothing.
Tuesday, June 06, 2006
Haha my blogskin picture is this postcard I picked up and took off the sponsors..etc and put my name, photo, the ducks and the starfish.

Brrr oral was okay-ish, I hate the question that came out for conversation:

"Describe a race you took part in."

Do I look like I join marathons to you??

Sigh, goodbye SINGLISH SOPHIE! From now on, I shall uh.. incorporate good vocab into my everyday speech?? Grr. But a phrase somehow sounds more apt when it's punctuated by a "lah".

Bah, anyway the other day I was lying on my bed randomly flipping through my bio file, noticing I had done my corrections wrongly.

I am LAZY, so I spent like FIVE MINUTES trying to will my green pen to come flying to me.
Thursday, June 01, 2006
I'm grounded.

Yes although I didn't do like terribly for MYE, Miss Siti told my mom that I am complacent, with a la-di-la attitude and that I uh go out too much (my foot lah please, Miss Siti is exaggerating)..etc. And therefore, I am grounded till the end of eternity.

And if I do get to go out, it's for special occasions, and have to pay back extra hours of studying, as if it were some penance for having fun.

Not bad what.

So my last outing of the year was on Monday, when I went to watch XMen3 with Sonia and Erika.

Sonia and Erika: I won't have children because the world is ending.

Hahahah I can't believe I have such friends, that is like one of the weirdest statements I have heard in a while.