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Sunday, January 14, 2007
Finally went down to SMSS with Cheryl last week to collect some package for me.

Haha well what's in the package? A Parker pen and a postcard from someone who says he didn't know how to approach me and so left it at the school.

I didn't even know Parker pens are expensive haha.

Cheryl: It was created by some guy named Parker
Sophie: So pilot created by someone named Pilot ah
(I was kidding okay, I am not THAT stupid)

Went for cheerleading practice with Kimberly and Cheryl. Hahahaha yes I'm now a cheerleader! Kimberly and I weren't sure if we would join but it was very fun so we're gonna stay in it!

Stolen off Nellie's blog. I see a stark resemblance between myself and a giraffe.


Bathed etc then Cheryl and I went down to her church, then met the rest of the OG for STEAMBOAT!

Cheryl: Let's have some STEAM and some BOAT!
Donson: You're going to be very smelly at DXO later. No one will dance near you.

Hahahah Donson drank some water, choked and SPAT out the water over the table !

Cheryl was damn gross, she was looking for a LONG noodle with her HANDS and so she'd put back the short ones unto the plate?! Wtf only I was still willing to eat the noodles after that. (sorLey I refused to cook anything what)


DXO was pretty screwed up. Jesslyn, Elaine and Camille couldn't get in because it was already at maximum capacity?

Eventually they got in and we really only started dancing at 2+am.

Some VERY RETARDED guy kept trying to dance with me, even when Phebe+Jesslyn+Camille were all around me he kept coming?!

He'd stick his hand in between them to touch my hair or face?! Wtf I was flinging his hand away and finally our new friends (guys) made another barrier and spoke to him.


I'm so tired, cheer practice was strenuous! I can't sneeze or lift my arm without my muscles aching.
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