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Sunday, February 25, 2007
We had to write a poem for Moral Education on a youth's view of life, thus presenting EMO POEM:


There was once a youth called Clair,
who thought life was very unfair.
Growing up in the neighbourhood,
she was often misunderstood.
She used to slit her wrists,
her dreams had disappeared in the mist.
She cried pools of tears
in the hope of washing away her fears
But reality hit her hard
like a flying dart,
And she realised she was never loved,
neither from here nor up above.

Emo right! There's really a girl in our class called Clair okay haha.

Haha because I have no life. NO LAH, it's a tissue box holder I made for my table-partner out of our uniform!

Went Genenevieve's house on Saturday!

We played Blackjack, Bridge, Mahjong etc.. yay!
We = Jane, Jesslyn, Sonia, Gen, Angel and I

We decied to watch a midnight movie but sorry from our Boisterous Bunch (ooh alliteration) it became Lonely Trio- Gen, Sonia and I.

We watched Ghostrider, one of the worst movies I have ever watched hahaha very lame I swear.
Tuesday, February 20, 2007
Took off the pictures of Cheryl's and mine's fake kissing because some people saw it and didn't notice the word "fake" and now think I'm a lesbian hahahaha.

Added two photos from CNY celebration in town, I really need to get a new camera.

CNY celebration in school

Town with Gen, Jesslyn, Angel and Cheryl. Cried watching Just Follow Law (Gen and Jesslyn are heartless)

Met Camille, Addie and Phebe for dinner! Roses and strange photos, heart-wrenching separations (er..).

Addie starring in "A bug's life"

Addie insisted we take a picture with the roses she gave us.


We headed down to AngMoKio library ( :O don't mess with the heartlands haha)

Haha Cheryl really looks like an ahbeng here!

Reunion dinner blah blah.

CNY visiting

Ooo a mysterious someone gave me $50 in red packet!

Lost considerable amounts of money at Blackjack and Mahjong ):

Went for a late night movie (Hannibal Rising, don't bother, it's more gruesome than scary). Met Addie and bunch for pool where Addie and I were adamant about not joining in due to extreme lack of skills haha.

Sheesha and 24-hr Macdonald deliveries. I'll stick to my McNuggets; and least I can open my packet of curry sauce without extreme difficulty!

Woken up this morning at unearthly hour of 10.30am for impromptu visiting, 5hrs sleep does NOT help my eyebags.

Sigh CivicsTutor says she is going to call Mother tomorrow about my latecoming.
Monday, February 12, 2007

After getting Olevel results.

I was so scared collecting results. Okay I admit it- I started crying even before getting my results, loser what cannot is it.

Hmm 8points, 5A1s and 1B3, I want to stab that B3 (no it was not English okay). 8 points don't know where to go lah.

Random cheer photos:

Thursday, February 08, 2007
Hmm I'm frightened frightened frightened, results tomorrow.

Goodbye carefree days, no homework (or none I cared to do), no tests, no commitments.
Where almost everything we did was whether we felt like doing it or not.

Grr if only I had direct bus to SA.

Goodbye freedom
Goodbye cellulite (haha I wish)?

We tried climbing out of school yesterday. Cheryl and I got on all fours and crawled beneath the windows of classes. Halfway through I hear laughter, and look up to see J2s at the windows erm.. laughing at us.

Hahaha omg we were so damn embarassed okay. And in the end we couldn't even get out because of the security guards.

I still don't know how to play bridge!
Saturday, February 03, 2007
Wooo SA cross-country is nice because it was so slack. We didn't even sweat! We walked the whole way (50mins) and they don't force you to do cheers!

Genevieve, Angel, Jesslyn (crasher who ran and came in 23rd?!), Jane, Cheryl and I went cycling/rollerblading afte that! (stifle that gasp, I'm not THAT unsporty)

Gen and I cycled but eventually had to change to rollerblading because we are nice and Angel/Jesslyn suck. Hahaha they fell pretty badly and Jesslyn sprained her ankle.


Cheer practice!

(At NTU in BOON LAY *$#^%@&)

After cheer:

Because we are kaWaiixxzzxzxzx

Die already, no one's going to believe that I'm not an aHliiaN

Town with Addie, Phebe and Camille.

"Camille was late.
Addie was later.
Sophie was the latest! She met us at 4+/5
!" - Phebe's blog

Eh I looked damn unglam okay, came from cheer practice!

Sophie is very strong okay

(Because Camille also thinks she's very strong)

Because they are too short to be seen.

Addie and Phebe fiddling with my mirror.

Our turn haha.

Goodnight, my eyebags very bad already (as Phebe didn't fail to mention today).