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Sunday, February 25, 2007
We had to write a poem for Moral Education on a youth's view of life, thus presenting EMO POEM:


There was once a youth called Clair,
who thought life was very unfair.
Growing up in the neighbourhood,
she was often misunderstood.
She used to slit her wrists,
her dreams had disappeared in the mist.
She cried pools of tears
in the hope of washing away her fears
But reality hit her hard
like a flying dart,
And she realised she was never loved,
neither from here nor up above.

Emo right! There's really a girl in our class called Clair okay haha.

Haha because I have no life. NO LAH, it's a tissue box holder I made for my table-partner out of our uniform!

Went Genenevieve's house on Saturday!

We played Blackjack, Bridge, Mahjong etc.. yay!
We = Jane, Jesslyn, Sonia, Gen, Angel and I

We decied to watch a midnight movie but sorry from our Boisterous Bunch (ooh alliteration) it became Lonely Trio- Gen, Sonia and I.

We watched Ghostrider, one of the worst movies I have ever watched hahaha very lame I swear.
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