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Friday, March 09, 2007
We skipped orientation today to head down to Clementi for St Marg's Sports Day! Yay COOKE won!!

Lunched at Bishan where we stopped at mohawk's (HAHAHAHA Bryan lah) house for errr Addie and him to have some time together lohzzz; and because we kaypoh haha.

Angel comes down from Bryan's room and stops in front of the kitchen.
Cheryl: Wah I very thirsty leh. (NOT OBVIOUS WHAT)
Maid: Do you want a drink?
Sophie: YES YES YES!!

Haha Addie was appalled to come downstairs and find us happily sipping Ribena whereas she always refuses anything the maid offers because she feels bad.

Went back to SAJC for the afternoon water games, Cheryl and I got like damn damn drenched. We sunbathed on the track and had to buy new shorts, thank goodness for SA's Popular bookstore!

Concourse at night to get stuff for tomorrow's Orientation finale. Bought random things (devil's pitchfork, fake nail-in-head and bubble blowers!) Wound up at Arab Street (Haji Lane) again and had cheap cheap dinner ((((:
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