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Saturday, April 14, 2007
Easter Friday!
Jesslyn's birthday. We booked a chalet and went there like at 3pm to prepare the banner and etc for her!

Haha it was supposed to be a superhero themed party, but hardly anyone bothered to dress up including yours truly.

I had wanted to be Hermione Granger (why cannot hero meh) but lazy bring witch hat lah.

Haha Christina the er.. Spartan hero!

Stupid balloons just burst on their own after Gen and I strung them up.

Jesslyn and her huge $90 Spiderman cake.

From right- SOPHIE, Addie, Elaine, Faynat..etc okay lazy
From left- Angel, Sonia, Camille..etc very lazy

Scary peasant (Sonia) and Gen.


Played card games, forfeit at first was vodka and eventually it became having to eat tau pok hahaha.

Carried fat-ass Addie over the fields because she didn't want to get wet, and because she is fat we both fell to the ground and caused her black and pink bra to be exposed, but for Sophie's eyes only 8) (and maybe Bryan hahahahahaha joKiNg joKinG)

10+ of us stayed over :o , we ordered McDonalds in the morning!


Camille came on Wednesday for the SA-CJ rugby match (which SA wonnnn).

Hate pe, plus CCA's on the same days as pe omg. Woke up with a fever on Thursday so didn't go to school and hence missed 2.4 that day for pe yeehaaaa ((:

Stayed in bed for 30hours my goodness from Wed 11pm to Friday 6am, only got up to eat and bathe!

It's Saturday and I should treally try to catch up on my work yuck yuck.
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