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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Hippoclique dinner! At some random Hong Kong restaurant at Cineleisure.

Phebe and Camille ordered too much, WAY too much bread and we tried to convince Sherry and RachelNg (LATECOMERS) that it was free and only polite to finish it up haha.

Phebe, Addie, Sophie, Camille, Sherry, RachelNg

Hahaha this guy from the shop Leftfoot near the restaurant made me a paper rose!

And we decided to cHiLL oUT at the erm foodcourt.

Nikon, Sony, Canon

Hahaha trying to hide our eyebags.

The others left, dumping Addie and I.

Addie and a bored boyfriend Bryan.

Haha okay lorzzz Sophie don't intrude on lOveNeST and trotted home, no midnight surcharge for once yay.


Went down to Vivo to watch the Cheer competition!

We decided to try stopping smiling.
SEE! Eyebags!

Haha erm <3?

Addie, Gen, Felicia, Sophie!

Useless benches in the MRT station where you struggle to not slide off.

And yada yada we met Addie's boyfriend again haha, withdrew more money ($_$), walked, talked..etc and cabbed home.


Haha eh looks emo.
Lunch at Pasta Fresca with RachelYeo and Luigi! Haha Luigi's dad owns the Pasta Fresca chain so we got free food yay, the bill actually came up to $97 wtf because we ordered lots of appetizers and etc haha.
Went back to his house where I hogged the massage chair while we played Xbox and watched cds (:
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