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Thursday, May 31, 2007
Hippoclique outing! (Haha yes the other day Phebe, Camille and I were laughing at our erpz.. lame clique name)

I was sick..

Haha outing was a flurry of failed birthday surprises (for RachelNg+Addie), lunch at Pepper Lunch and shopping.

Went to Carmen's house at night for her birthday party! Her house is like WOAH enormous and they have a Ferrari... Huge pool table, chandeliers, spiralling staircase, many plasma tvs (including on mounted opposite her bed..) etc. The maid's room is bigger than my room please, plus has a Queen sized bed.

Yum yum food, TruthorDare with classmates, cake etc :D

First week of Holidays!

Ran errands ran errands ran errands.


  • Decided that 3hr math lecture was dumb (+ it was way too early in the morning)

  • So didn't go for Math lecture heh and slept 3hrs more (:

  • Bio tutorial 2hrs long $%@#

  • McDonalds lunch

  • Jesslyn, Cheryl, Phebe and Camille came over to my house before Vaunt2 at Zouk!

    My top my bag my makeup (sort of my earrings too haha)

    Sigh what to do Sophie tall then cut out lorz haha

    We squeezed into the photo haha

    In Zouk, Sophie, Camille, Phebe!

    Why got so many photos of Sherry and I ah hahaha

    Vaunt2 wasn't too bad, crowded duh but better than RompII at StJames. Haha laughed alot at BengsLians and veryfunny dancers with their I-am-so-hot moves.

    Sherry left early cos she missed Pika haha okay lorz so sweet..


    Phebe and Camille stayed over after Vaunt2! Had to wake up early next day cos I had fitting. Came back and we talkedtalked, then decided to go watch Pirates Of the Carribean- At World's End!

    Not bad not bad, <3 Johnny Depp!

    Very very unglam cos we only slept 4hours..

    Watched Shrek3 cos Luigi had free tickets :) Cabbed down, cab driver sucks @$%^# he went super long way and it cost like nearly $8 :(

    Friday tomorrow already oh no, got Chem test sigh. Hmm on Monday the holidays seemed so endless and simply stretched on for ages. Now.. one week gone already.

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