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Thursday, May 24, 2007
Met Gracia and Carmen, shopped and spent a ton on accessories...

ACTING ahlian ah!!

Hahahaha I bought Minnie Mouse ears!

I quit Vaunt2 but being a total loserrr I actually cabbed down to rehearsals cos I was lazy and bored and it cost me $9 cab fare..

Haha I brought my gameboy for in case I got bored, but in the end I was asked to stand in for absent models and just talked the rest of the time.

Eyebag buddy!

XYX: Is he your brother?
Sophie: No
XYX: Is he your boyfriend?
Sophie: NO?!

Sophie, Kahlen, Nathalia (?) and erm sorry unknown hahaha.

Kahlen and I!

Carmen's birthday!

Seventeen magazine is very useful this year with all the "17"s all over haha

SAJC got released at 1.30pm today to go support in matches! Went for SA-VJ soccer 3rd/4th placing at NATIONAL STADIUM.

Eh I look very hairy here hahaha

Carmen, Sophie, Saraphine

Carmen and I in the stands. Being at National Stadium was very nice actually, the last time I had been there was in P5? The grass is so super smooth and the stadium is very nice.


S-A-J-C *clap clap*

Saint (x3) saaaintssss come on come on!

HAHA ignore the "Feel the Meridian Might" banner in the background, MJ-RJ finals after our match.

Natasha: OH is the guy in black the referee?? (like don't know how long after the match started)
Sophie: No no he got first class seats

Saraphine, Gracia, Mabel, Carmen, SOPHIE, Natasha
Bye bye National Stadium

Tomorrow's last day of the term omgggg we all have half day! ( I hope no CCA) I happy happy cos need to sleep lah, my eyeluggages...
But at the same time it's scary to think that half a year has already passed and in one month it's Common Tests.

Friends drifted, never really settled down and started being serious about school, still resent CCA, but never mind cos it's the HOLIDAYSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.
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