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Wednesday, June 06, 2007
Flag day!
Haha my classmates and I signed up for flag day! This is because we need CIP hours, and flag day quite fun what.

"Excuse me, would you like to make a donation?"

Horrifying behaviour from various Singaporeans when approached, at least have the courtesy to ACKNOWLEDGE my presence please.

Haha Carmen would make a disgruntled grunt every time she was turned down.

Saraphine brought a whole bag of coins that she has been saving to use for Flag Day, she still had 1-cent coins, which stopped being produced like eons ago, shows how long she has been saving haha.

MALE classmate, his legs are so skinny it's scary.

LOOK, those are my legs on the left, his legs almost same size as mine! Where got guys leg same size as girls one..

Carmen and I walked into Prints and bought the ribbon tied at the end of my braid!
I felt like buying everything just cos it was pretty but thank goodness I refrained because I have no use for them (ie notebooks, wrapping paper, cards etc) and they're expensive $_$

Tried random modes on my camera, the photo turned out super super light so I made it grayscale.

Holidays speeding by so quickly, ohno ohno ohno :/

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