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Saturday, June 09, 2007
Met Valentina at Cine last night!

Sigh the phone that I bought in November and like tons of other people got it too now..

Haha ate at Kobayashi cos I'm broke $_$.

Valentina and I, and our best friend RuiEn.

Sat at Rocky Masters to spy on people outside Cine haha. We sat there for like 2hrs omg.

I had brought nail polish haha.

We went to N.U.M and sat on the couches there.

Haha so basically we spent the whole evening sitting around.

Valentina's blog: "Sophie Estelle Willocq is very weird.
She wants a boyfriend but is very lesbianish towards me. HAHA

Sigh it's a Saturday I'm at home watching Agent CodyBanks haha. Even my mom got more exciting life than me please, she went for a barbecue-sleepover at a chalet??

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