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Monday, June 18, 2007
My weekend with RachelNg!

Met RachelNg and Belinda at Clarke Quay. Haha first we went into this weird MEGA CHEENA bar called IRumours because Belinda's friend was performing.

They had very additive free chips that we constantly asked to be refilled, haha and we were forced to order a drink each cos "chips not fLee you know". But it turned out to be HappyHour so Rachel and I got 2 drinks each haha and Belinda was nice nice nice she paid for our drinks (:

Belinda left and we went to Attica.


Attica was still pretty empty cos it was early (11.30pm) so we headed to ChinaOne instead.

Haha it's like a damn cool bar where there's this pretty good band and tons of spontaneous Angmohs and everyone just dances. So we'd have a middle-aged Angmoh woman dragging us out unto the dancefloor and screaming inaudible things into our ears.

Ordered shots and somehow got double, haha cos one we ordered from the bar itself and the other from the waiters walking around so somehow they only collected payment once oh well (:

Back to Attica which was really packed with mostly Angmohs. We danced with some mega tall German ones that totally kept shouting things over our heads to each other. They were so tall, like the guy's belt was at my navel?? I am 172/174cm okay!

McDonalds after Attica closed, haha they had started serving breakfast already and I was frantically pointing over the counter:
"THERE THERE got one more MacChicken (I realise I don't know how to spell that) left !!"

I don't like McDonald/Burger King/KFC/etc breakfast..

Woke up very late and then spent the rest of the day reading and spying on people online (Friendster :o)

Went back to Clarke Quay AGAIN haha and erm.. back to Attica and ChinaOne again, we went into Attica first just to get the chop (free entry before midnight) then over to ChinaOne.

Ordered different shots, and then we went to the bar and said like don't know where our drinks are, ordered already ))): And the bartender totally gave us some free drinks he created I think and it tasted very nice yum yum.

There were these little cherry stickers stuck everywhere so we pluck one off haha:

The crowd at Attica that night was mega gross, there were tons of maids whom I suspect must have had sneaked out cos they were mostly gone when we went back in around 2/3am.

A guy bought us drinks and totally it assumed he's entitled to ____________ (haha fill in with whatever you want) and I literally had to run away omg.

Why noberdy want to dance with us just cos we look like we'd make nice friends meh haha.

Random angmoh who asked to be in our photo.

Haha RachelNg still cut out.

Finally RachelNg's in hahaha.

We got free cab ride home because some guy (French man!) liked RachelNg and offered to accompany us back home, who cares that he stays Holland and that the cab went by a mega long way hahaha.

So in total for 2nights Rachel and I only spent $30 each happy happy $_$
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