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Monday, June 04, 2007
Was back at Zouk on Friday to do this catwalk, carrying electronic items.

So first thing to carry was the new Samsung mp3 player, haha quite cool cos the thing actually works so we were listening to it while waiting.

Followed by batteries?! Haha wtf do I do carrying batteries down the catwalk. Omg and as I was walking down, I realised that my bra could be seen because the dress (clothes we wore that night from GAP!) was rather low..

I don't know if the audience noticed or even cared, but it made me hell self-conscious duh.

Oh the male model is from Slovakia,

Merk (or however it's spelt): I'm leaving on the tenth
Now, he said this with a pretty thick accent okay.
Sophie: You live in a tent?!

Our hair was tied up into a really high and tight ponytail that left my scalp still very sore hours after. Ouch ]:

On countdown night- 01/01/07. In the wee hours of the morning when we couldn't get a cab, so we erm, took a bus.

I got bored so I did this. :/ Haha I couldn't think what to put in the speech bubble, that line is from a song..

I have to say first3months is a really lousy thing, it's good that it's being abolished. Sure it was hell alot of fun, yadda yadda. But it was very detrimental to our studies. Or mine anyway.

It's June, and I need to admit that I have not done a SINGLE Math or Chem tutorial these 6months. I umm... did 2 of Bio.

I don't even have the will to study because I don't seem to understand anything anyway when I do. I study for a test, read the test questions and think, FUCK how am I supposed to know the answer.

Been bumming about, waking up after lunch and watchingtv watchingtv watchingtv (and eating alot).
I feel like playing Sims2 (:
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