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Thursday, June 21, 2007
Wednesday and Thursday I slept at 6am?! Because I'd start studying around 4 am.

Which means the following day I was too tired to go for cca haha ermzz..

Met Kimberly and Cheryl for Chemistry Studying Session! Crepes place at Cine basement once again, yum yum.

Cheryl: "I'm gonna catch you in the act of not studying!"

Sophie and Kimberly: "Yah I can see you're so totally studying

Haha cos I was carrying eyeliner in my bag.

Studying Session was succesful only to the extent that we tried answering each other's questions but didn't study much individually.

Hahahaha we spend tons of time shifting from table to table till I had finally deemed a table worthy of us.


Met Addie after that where trotting off to McDonalds to buy hers and my food, I PROMISED MYSELF- BUY ONLY A DRINK

So armed with great determination (I is strong-willed okay) I stepped up to the counter:
Sophie: "One McNuggets student meal please"

HAHA oh well, what greed does to you...

I think I would get married so that I have someone to look forward to seeing each day. Last night (or rather around 6am this morning) I suddenly realised, what am I looking forward to to tomorrow? What am I waking up for? Who will I get to see?

I got up at 3pm and had only one meal I AM HUNGRY.
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