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Sunday, June 24, 2007
Met Valentina!

HAHA I look so positively delighted to see him.

Pastamania cheap+tasteless. But primarily cheap :DDD


She calls herself HandZome

Haha wtf there's a grey square over my face cos of shadow

No, I am not totally devoted to Valentina or something, thank you.

Cos I think my nails are cooler.

Dominique and Rachel, feat. my ipod! EH EH EH guess how old Dominique is!! Looks maybe 19 right? He's 16!!!

Sports School track&field okay, don't messsss, although from what he tells me, going Sports School is totally no life lah haha, all day long train okay.


Haha I also dunno.

Met Sherry and her beloved Pika!

Went for Mango Sales which was so damn crowded, and they put our bags in these big plastic thingys to ensure we don't steal haha.

Pika was DAMN NICE okay, he just kept queueing for the changing rooms while we rummaged through the clothes, and if he got to the front of the line before we were ready, he'd just go to the back and queue again??

Omg he like that did a few times okay, so nice right! But ahem I bet he totally wouldn't do it if Sherry's not his girlfriend hahaha.

Sherry, Sophie and Pika

Our ugly bags-in-plastic-bags, and I don't know why we were all dressed in grey.

Stolen off Sherry's blog:

"I LOVE shopping with Sophie.

Quotes of the day from Sophie Estelle Willocq [SEW]:

[1] Wah omg, this top is like $33, this is a SALE, the stuff is supposed to be less than $20!

[2] This top is so not worth it, cause I'd have to wear something INSIDE to wear it. Not worth the price.

And etc etc etc. I was literally cracking up when she said all these. HOWEVER, she doesn't practise what she preaches. She exceeded her budget for the both tops that she bought. HAHAHAHA, so much for being practical."

Haha yah loh in the end I bought two tops that were $33 and $29...

Went to Lido to study after that, where we took a long time dropping LOUD hints that people who weren't eating should not hog a table and being totally enthralled that Pika can actually finish a foot-long Subway sandwich.

Pika: Huh you all don't eat 1-foot one meh?
Sherry+Sophie: NO?!


Omg exams starting ))))))): I have GP and Biology tomorrow!

From this month's Seventeen-

" I was at a store and a weird-looking girl commented on a dress I was admiring. I told her it would look great on her. Then she glared at me and said: I'm a guy. I was going to buy this for my girlfriend."

HAHAHAHA I think is very amusing.
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