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Monday, July 02, 2007
Exams over ((((((:
Addie and I watched Nancy Drew cos we're childish losers. The show was VERY LAME at the beginning, but wasn't too bad for the rest.

Lines in the show were very predictable, and Bruce Willis made a brief appearance.

"Imagine if Bruce Willis got paid more for the 5mins than Nancy Drew did for the whole show"

Watch Nancy Drew if you feel like laughing at a show.

Bumped into Jeannie at Cine (:

Met Jesslyn, Angel and Jane to prepare for Cheryl's surprise party

When we were trying to hang up decorations in her room

We then met Louisa and Cheryl to play pool.

Back to her house, SURPRISEEE:

She was VERY VERY happy with her new Havainas

LOOK at the ceiling thingy! So nice okay!

Met Carmen and Loretta for a flea at Boat Quay!

Carmen had told me to meet at Clarke Quay ere I turned up. She,was at Boat Quay. Plus she told me the wrong direction to walk and I walked the length of Clarke Quay like twice, I totally wanted to slap her okay!

Haha so she had to promise to treat me to something.

Please note the disparaging height difference- Loretta, Carmen and I

We tried to catch up the height differences a bit.

Flea wasn't bad, a little pricey $_$ though. Carmen and I bought a pair of shoes, badge and ear studs each, while Loretta bought a dress.

Then went off to meet Shann and RachelLu.

We were actually supposed to meet at 1.30pm. Haha Rachel reached at 2.00pm, Shann at 2.30pm and finally yours truly reached at 3.00pm hahahaha.

Shann and I

Rachel and I

Haha check out Rachel.

Left to meet Valentina, Melissa, Jihae and some others. They brought me to play CounterStrike. Haha I is n00b.

It was quite novel and fun for the first 1/2hour, then I started getting a headache and feeling nauseous. Haha sorLey lah, Sophie not made for computer games can.

Cine with Meepok that I can get for $2 in school and nicer somemore :[

Melissa and I

HAHA this photo is DAMN SCARY. NOT edited I promise!!! We were all laughing at it cos my boobs look MEGA GINORMOUS HUGE.

For those who know me and even those who don't (cos it's fairly obvious haha), I am er.. not that busty haha.

Melissa, Valentina, Sophie

Cos Valentina very fussy so she made us take a few shots..

Exams over I feel happy happy (((:
Ugh but school tomorrow and it's a very very long day of continuous lessons till 7+pm, should I skip French :o
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