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Sunday, July 08, 2007
Yo ho ho! College Day meant school starts at 11am (:

Jeannie and I went for swim nationals hahaha, no no not as competitiors omgz but to see Ben and ogle hahahaha (two SEPARATE things and not inter-linked thank you)

HAHA I can totally be stalkerrrrrrrrrrrrr already.

Look Ben has a wet patch on his bum!

Daryl shaved his hair hahahahaha

Sonia was very very awed when she saw the photo- "Ben has 8pack?!"

Haha we saw swimmers with very very tiny trunks, aren't they worried it'll fall off when they dive in??

But wahh the abs everywhere.... hahahahahaha.

Ben was very very nervous!

Jeannie and I

Jeannie insisted we take a shot from her better angle hahaha

HAHAHA cos when will you ever see Ben in something so minuscule again??

Jeannie and I finally reached school like an 1hr+ late and joined our classes for the Amazing Race which is basically like Orientation.

(aka sitting out stations you don't want to do and running off to buy drinks)

Cheryl the very orange house council-er

Carmen and I!

Met Gracia for dinner!

Haha clearer but Gracia is nowhere to be seen.

No flash!

And you give in cos you have a shaky hand and with flash it at least comes out clearly, albeit ugly.
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