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Thursday, July 05, 2007
Met Gracia to watch Transformers! Not bad not bad, worth the mere $7?
Learn from Sophie! Boycott movies on weekends!

(But this also means that I'm like the only who still hasn't watched Fantastic4 :0)

Met Valentina after that!

There was a disgusting couple on the escalator, the guy was like kissing the girl's boobs? COMEON LAH, it's only 7pm, give me a break can??

Valentina: Wahlao want to suck as him go buy milk lah

Haha and we went to visit Vincent in N.U.M again, haha cos we like teasing him about appearing on the cover of Urban as the new breed of Good-looking salesmen.

Sophie, Valentina, Vincent!

HeightDifference HeightDifference

NoHeightDifference NoHeightDifference

School's been sucky ):

My hair's been dyed brown with highlights for a shoot, which went fairly alright except that I spent alot of money on cab and had started the morning really badly.
Haha the photo's only coming out in the October issue of Cleo please.

My hair is very brown, I'm surprised I haven't been caught yet.

Got back two of my three papers already, did HORRIBLY )))))):

I was just contemplating how small things in life could be so pretty in their simplistic way, like how droplets of water rested on my skin or an elderly couple on the bus still together all these years.

Immersed in my life-is-very-nice moments, woke up to find my eye swollen.

%*#$^@ plucked out the inflammed eyelash, hurt fucking badly, I was tearing I was crying.

Visited Jesslyn in the hospital, oeosophagus infection. We sat on her bed throughout, cheering her up/depriving her of leg space and watched 200-pound beauty on Cheryl's portable dvd player although we've all watched it before.

We were ridiculously fascinated with the instant toasted sandwich MACHINE, novelty does things to you.

My birthday's in two weeks, somehow I don't feel very excited.
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