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Sunday, July 29, 2007
Okay my long overdue BIRTHDAY POST- 25th July 2007 (Wednesday) (((((:

I'm finally 17! Haha I think 17 is cool age okay.

Pleasant surprises from classmates and friends, thanks :D

Gracia baked the cake for me! Brownies cos I told her I like brownies and carrot cake yummmm
Haha the pink Pocky stick is the candle, I had to bite it instead of blowing hahaha.

Received a cake through the school from someone I don't know, the Office was NOT happy cos they persist to believe it's my boyfriend or something >(

It's like mega huge and omg we totally didn't know what to do with it!

Cheryl made me a huge _______ (whatever that could be called) :))

J1 Rhythmic Gymnasts

Yeah yeah Cheryl was delighted to see a yellow sports car

Dinner at night with Addie, ShaunNg, Abel, Carlos, Jesse and Sam at Swensens! Haha we were entertained by an over-friendly waitress, Carlos getting a leg cramp and Jesse performed a dance for us hahaha.

Very pleasant birthday, slightly marred because SAJC decided to call my mom on that particular day about my disastrous Common Test results.
So yeah Mother has to come to school to see HOD on Friday...

Have a nice day friends and furry little animals!
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