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Tuesday, July 10, 2007
Sleepover on Saturday!
Addie, RachelNg, Sherry and Phebe came over for sleepover!!

Haha click for the email invitation that Sherry and I came up with!

Addie's blog: "I was late and locked out for a while, they relented when I began torturing Sophie's doorbell."

We watched Mean Girls and finally got round to cooking for our midnight picnic!

Wah we totally thought he's cute (((((((((((((:

I was making the eggs!

Mary Poppins!


One of Addie's miserably burnt toasts

How a simple slab of burnt toast can instill such interest:

We dug out my mom's coOlio summer hats! Haha that's why I totally want a garden party sometime!

Finally by the time we finished cooking our luncheonmeat-egg sandwiches, it was 11.30pm and at 5 (cannot cab!), we couldn't decide where to go or how to go for our midnight picnic.

Thoughts of mosquitoes, rapists, beaches, parks, distances, cabs.. etc flitted through our minds.

We even changed into tshirts instead of whatever we were wearing (ie sleeveless) so as to dissuade potential rapists.

Haha but finally we decided to have a picnic in my living room!

Out came the:
  • Checkered cloth
  • Fake potted plants
  • Wine glasses (filled with rose syrup)
  • Fake picket fence



And finally:


Haha we argued for a while about whether to watch The Beach, Narnia or continue watching the old-school typical school story called 10things I hate about you

10things I hate about you was a bit retarded with the retro hairstyles and we kept whining that the so-called mega hot school queen all the guys were after was... not all that desirable.

And finally after all the arguing we somehow ended up watching 10 things I hate about you hahaha.

Next morning, very unglam, takes alot of space in the bed and can only make toast (burnt), I present to you Addie:


Kicked whoever out of the house and went off for brithday lunch at Swensens!

Ice-cream cake

No comment.... (cos lazy to send to her lah okay, so post here loh)

My birthday is in 15days! (25th July)
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