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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Being Bio students, we saw this and started naming the Aorta, Pulmonary Vein etc etc.

MOELC exam after school!

Alex drove us cos he just got his license (he's 18 already)! I can't wait till I can get mineeee

We could be going for a really exciting road trip if it weren't for the fact that we're wearing school uniform and heading for dreaded Oral Exams.

So French Oral for me and German for Monique and Alex. Our oral exam consists of writing a 3min speech and dicussions about our topic etc etc.

I had the 5.00pm slot, which was actually the LAST SLOT of the day. BUT, it got delayed and I finally left the place at 6.30pm?! By the time it was my turn to go in, it was already 5.45pm.

And the worst is, I was at the MOELC since 1.45pm..


A girl fainted in school today. Apparently she reaches home every day around 8pm, bathes, eats etc and then goes straight away to sleep.

That is very very scary. I spend the same amount of time studying (ie including doing homework) than I do bathing. Or mostly I haven't been studying at all because I'm so busy doing WR and preparing my French speech, school obligations are such a pain in the ass.

I am getting very worried.
Saturday, August 25, 2007
Germaine's farewell!
Airport is @^(#$%@ far away....

Haha we got bored and decided to charm old Ronald McDonald:

Uh devoted kind?


Wah the innocent kind


The Cheerleader Care Bear we bought for Germaine!

My McDonalds Kids Meal toy!

This photo would look nice if it weren't for the french fries.

Bye Germaine!!!

Sigh was forced to go for this dinner last night and my mom put me at the table of so-called YOUTH (who were all single/married yuppies) where I didn't know anyone?

Yuppie= young working university graduate (I am putting this in because I was asked what a yuppie was..)

Sigh spent alot of time stoning/messaging- thank goodness for technology.

They were all very fascinated with my ability to type without looking at the keypad and even wanted to time how long I'd take to type superkalifragilisticespealidocious (I just tried spelling that how it sounded like).

Spoke mostly to the vegeterian yuppie yeah I'm so coolzz and introduced her to the calculator tricks of our generation (do not ask why I had a calculator in my bag, I had McDonald's Apple Pie and french fries too).
Monday, August 20, 2007
Jesse's birthday party at Sentosa on Saturday was very fun!

It was extremely out of the way though....... haha Kimberly can attest to that since she sat rotting at the VivoCity bus stop for half an hour waiting for me.

We went up to Toys R Us to buy Jesse something and decided on waterguns and bubble blowers! And we bought party hats which somehow were lost/forgotten/destroyed (JOSHUA MOK!!) within an hour of the party.

No visit is complete without a photo in the train... (omgz losers haha)

Kimberly felt short and insisted on another photo:

Lovely time with lovely people, haha Kimberly's like my 2nd ever PAE friend and we lurbe lurbe each other hahaha.

Eh why never get any pictures of me in party hat!

Hotel Room! At Siloso Beach Resort:

3 cooliozz and my Superman ring

4 MEGA cooliozz

We have many seKret plans one hahaha

HAHA yeah Mok's the man!

The carpet got soaking wet and it was mega gross, a squelching carpet!

The girl to boy ratio was like, literally 1girl :5+ boys. The few girls were namely Kimberly, Kris and I, and one or two others that popped in and out.

Haha boys will be boys, they played Wii soccer and tennis for eons while music played and Joshua Mok kept scolding us and telling us to keep quiet.

(Yes Mok turned strangely strict and responsible for the night hahaha)

Birthday boy! Who got many many bottles for his birthday! Although there weren't that many bottles left by the end of it.

(1)Wah everybody help themselves to my camera hahaha

See so many boys.


Sleepy, boys kept playing Wii

(2)Yah lorz see now got random people in my camera

Some of the 18year olds went to Cafe Del Mar but they were being strict that night and Roy got busted hahahaha.
Haha we brought the party to the poolside cos the room was too crammed. I ventured a little too far into the pool and got my ass wet, Kris kept sneaking away the vodka and conked out and the rest of us just got a little happy haha.

Jesse they all came back from Cafe Del Mar halfway and he was veddy high hahahaha and rather different. We all ended up at the beach where Kim and I amused ourselves cartwheeling and spying on couples on the Cafe Del Mar daybeds.

Leaving to go home, unglam already.

Trying to get a cab at night in Sentosa is just freaking IMPOSSIBLE. We left the hotel at 3am and half and hour later we were still walking and trying to call a damn cab but none would come into Sentosa. Thank goodness we managed to hitch a ride from Roy's parents out of Sentosa.

Kimberly's blog: "5 of us squashed at the back with me on Sophie's lap and Abel on Daniel's lap and Roy veh comfortably between all of us."

Haha Kimberly the only East-sider went off in her cab while we happy centrally located people (Abel, Daniel and I) get to share cab $_$ yay.

Ooooh I found an almost-new foolscap pad in school today. Wowza ain't that lucky $_$ hahahaha.
Saturday, August 18, 2007
Blood Donation Drive
There was a blood donation drive at SAJC's hall on Wednesday so I got the form for parental consent and decided to go for it! I had always wanted to go but never got round to it. Now 17 and eligible!

Many many many questionnaires to fill up.

Q: Have you ever had sex with a prostitute/multiple sexpartners/blahblah

They basically reformulated this sentence into as many questions as possible to cover all loopholes and make sure we all don't have AIDS.................

Q; Are you donating blood merely to find out if you have AIDS?

HAHAHAHAHA wtf right. Haha cos they test your blood first for AIDS and blood group, and send you the results.

Next was blood TEST to make sure my blood is suitable. They used to device to prick my finger so that this huge drop of blood comes out.

They draw blood out into this tiny tube.

Scared lehzz

Not for the squeamish!-

Painkiller injection!

Needle to draw the blood, NEEDLE IS DAMN HUGE like in width omg omg

It was so gross she was poking about under my skin and you could see the skin bulging up where the needle was. I now have a bruise where the needle mark is..

My Civis Tutor giving blood too.

Haha but got cute bandage (:

The little red dot IS THE SIZE OF THE NEEDLE. It's quite big look at the size in comparison to the words "SAJC" on my fbts..

Anyway I'm very glad I did it although I was scared. It didn't hurt except for slight wincing when they injected the painkiller and it was a very novel experience.

I'd definitely do it again because it takes so little effort on my part to do something for the community and hey! my body will make new blood and I'll be same as ever.

Go do it everyone! Once you get over the fear of doing it, it's really easy. And yes, IT DOESN'T HURT.
Thursday, August 16, 2007
Wtf why got people tagging as me on my own tagboard.
Tuesday, August 14, 2007
"The gap between secondary school and JC is vast. Some fall into this gap and never find a way out."
Sunday, August 12, 2007
Cut my hair today! Okay I only had it trimmed, but by around 15cm! How many of you even have hair 15cm long huh huh huh!!! (I realise this only applies to maybe Addie and RachelNg and anyone else short hair-ed)

Met Jeannie, Ben, Gerald, Daniel and errrpz one more guy (sorry don't know his name) at Serene McDonalds yesterday to study!

Left Ben, Jeannie and I at Island Creamery where Ben thought the ice-cream counter girl was quite hot and Jeannie's Lemon Cheesecake tasted like Lemon Jif.

Fast-forward Jeannie and I to town where Aldo was having buy one get one free deal omgz omgz so we spent ages trying to find something to buy $_$

Jeannie totally has zebra-print fetish..........................................
Thursday, August 09, 2007

My house! Haha got driveway (and therefore a car) and a swing!

"Based on the drawing and the 10 answers they gave this is a summary of their personality:
Your house tells the world that you ought to be a leader. You are good at making friends and when the joyful moment arrives, you make the most out of it. You are shy and reserved. If you've drawn a cross on each of windows, you always want to live alone. You are very tidy person. There's nothing wrong with that because you're pretty popular among friends. Your life is always full of changes.

You will avoid being alone and seek the company of others whenever possible. You love excitement and create it wherever you go. You see the world as it is, not as you believe it should be.

You added a flower into your drawing. The flower signifies that you long for love. It also safe to say that others don't see you as a flirt. You don't think much about yourself. "

Eh I like living alone? Anyway I think it's complete nonsense cos everyone got like the same verdict.

Never mind, add yourself to our street!

Eve of National Day
The school celebration was rather boring, and only one section of the school could even see what was happening at the stage.
We only sang 3 pathetic songs one of which was this year's rather NOT catchy short National Day song.

40 teachers/students were picked out from the crowd to play musical chairs while the rest of the school watched and that, my friends, is how SAJC spent their National Day Eve.

Hippoclique outing!

Phebe and Camille were very late, while Addie kept running off to talk to her other friends for very very long periods of time so Sherry and I had a good time abusing them and ditching Addie's bag behind while RachelNg would just worry.

Phebe and Camille redeemed themselves however, they were late only because they went to buy flowers for Sherry and I, for our birthdays!

Addie... is mega bitch. Didn't redeem herself. Hahaha.

We watched The Condemned, which is about torture and violence for entertainment. Damn sick and sadistic I swear, Sherry started crying at one point!
I wouldn't recommend the show because it shows nothing much either than gore and violence and results in one having to force oneself NOT to think about the scenes.

Wah I never realised I'm that much taller.


National Day
I woke up at 10+ which is much much much too early for a public holiday.

Didn't make plans and was fine rotting at home but the house is filled with my mom and her mahjong friends (2tables leh) and it's very noisy and I have no chair to sit on to use the computer.

And I am very very bored and very lonely cos everybody's too lazy or too busy to talk/go out with me ):