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Saturday, August 18, 2007
Blood Donation Drive
There was a blood donation drive at SAJC's hall on Wednesday so I got the form for parental consent and decided to go for it! I had always wanted to go but never got round to it. Now 17 and eligible!

Many many many questionnaires to fill up.

Q: Have you ever had sex with a prostitute/multiple sexpartners/blahblah

They basically reformulated this sentence into as many questions as possible to cover all loopholes and make sure we all don't have AIDS.................

Q; Are you donating blood merely to find out if you have AIDS?

HAHAHAHAHA wtf right. Haha cos they test your blood first for AIDS and blood group, and send you the results.

Next was blood TEST to make sure my blood is suitable. They used to device to prick my finger so that this huge drop of blood comes out.

They draw blood out into this tiny tube.

Scared lehzz

Not for the squeamish!-

Painkiller injection!

Needle to draw the blood, NEEDLE IS DAMN HUGE like in width omg omg

It was so gross she was poking about under my skin and you could see the skin bulging up where the needle was. I now have a bruise where the needle mark is..

My Civis Tutor giving blood too.

Haha but got cute bandage (:

The little red dot IS THE SIZE OF THE NEEDLE. It's quite big look at the size in comparison to the words "SAJC" on my fbts..

Anyway I'm very glad I did it although I was scared. It didn't hurt except for slight wincing when they injected the painkiller and it was a very novel experience.

I'd definitely do it again because it takes so little effort on my part to do something for the community and hey! my body will make new blood and I'll be same as ever.

Go do it everyone! Once you get over the fear of doing it, it's really easy. And yes, IT DOESN'T HURT.
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