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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Parent-Teacher-Meeting yesterday, except mine was Level Head, gives you an idea how badly I did :/
Meeting was alot of yadda-yadda expected stuff, and I wasn't feeling very much since I'm practically grounded anyway.

We had to write our target grades for promos:
Sophie: "Am I supposed to be realistic?"
Level Head: "Of course"

Filled it up with Ds.

My mom made me change it so that it adds up to 60points?! Do you fucking know how high 60 points is?? How unrealistic that is?!
(A is 20points)

That's when I started crying a little ):

Saved this a while ago cos it's so retarded omgz.............................

So I have absolutely nothing to do or look forward to but studying for the next two months.
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