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Friday, September 28, 2007
Lunched on Sunday after church.

Because Rachel is extremely vain.

We got bored after church and went over to the one opposite which we discovered has like a dance studio.

Rachel showing me her b-b-ballet

HAHAHAHA she looks like a happy bouncing leprechaun

We met Paul and ate at Delifrance cos Rachel said we must support my French culture (and Delifrance doesn't even exist in France)

There was another photo but Paul secretly deleted it cos he didn't like it wah so slyyy

Rachel: "Eh let's go take neoprints!"
Paul and Sophie: "NO"

Haha whatever Sophie don't pretend, at one time you thought Neoprints were keWl (but then again I was very young, and Rachel is 19.............)

Been sleeping adequately this whole week, overslept today and missed my consultation with Mdm Habibah omg...

GP on Monday was alright-ish, BIO SPA Tuesday was pretty bad, and French exam Wed-Fri (yes 3 days, so dumbbbb right) told me that I should start attending french lessons more often.

At this time next week I'll be out in town or something cos Promos are over! (hahaha shit later I got no friends end up on facebook/neopets/friendster at home er..)
Monday, September 24, 2007
Omg GP exam in 7hours no time to sleep, chem filing to start, no damn tutorials done to put inside, due straight after GP exam
Saturday, September 22, 2007
Carmen: "Eh I realise you've been eating alot"
o.O yah I'm growing fatttt

Haha Addie, Carmen and I went over to SAS for lunch the other day, it's uh maybe 50cents cheaper if you're lucky.....

"Okay extremely tired and no sophie to entertain me for the night so I shall take my leave ha ha ha" - Addie, because I slept at 11pm last night haha, and uh woke up close to noon today oops...

Boring week, skipped school on Wednesday and was late every other day except Monday. Still doing just as badly on tests as ever although I'm one week away from Promos ):

But promos over in 1month 3weeks 2weeks! Start making plans with me people (((: hahaha this sounds damn pathetic

Darrell doesn't believe me when I say that I've never been attached........
Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Anyway FINALLY got the full set of photos from Jesse's birthday! (18th Aug) Haha so this is the old post with just the new photos placed on top...

Haha check out Kimmie and Mok

Jesse's birthday party at Sentosa on Saturday was very fun!

It was extremely out of the way though....... haha Kimberly can attest to that since she sat rotting at the VivoCity bus stop for half an hour waiting for me.

We went up to Toys R Us to buy Jesse something and decided on waterguns and bubble blowers! And we bought party hats which somehow were lost/forgotten/destroyed (JOSHUA MOK!!) within an hour of the party.

No visit is complete without a photo in the train... (omgz losers haha)

Kimberly felt short and insisted on another photo:

Lovely time with lovely people, haha Kimberly's like my 2nd ever PAE friend and we lurbe lurbe each other hahaha.

Eh why never get any pictures of me in party hat!

Hotel Room! At Siloso Beach Resort:

3 cooliozz and my Superman ring

4 MEGA cooliozz

We have many seKret plans one hahaha

HAHA yeah Mok's the man!

The carpet got soaking wet and it was mega gross, a squelching carpet!

The girl to boy ratio was like, literally 1girl :5+ boys. The few girls were namely Kimberly, Kris and I, and one or two others that popped in and out.

Haha boys will be boys, they played Wii soccer and tennis for eons while music played and Joshua Mok kept scolding us and telling us to keep quiet.

(Yes Mok turned strangely strict and responsible for the night hahaha)

Birthday boy! Who got many many bottles for his birthday! Although there weren't that many bottles left by the end of it.

(1)Wah everybody help themselves to my camera hahaha

See so many boys.


Sleepy, boys kept playing Wii

(2)Yah lorz see now got random people in my camera

Some of the 18year olds went to Cafe Del Mar but they were being strict that night and Roy got busted hahahaha.
Haha we brought the party to the poolside cos the room was too crammed. I ventured a little too far into the pool and got my ass wet, Kris kept sneaking away the vodka and conked out and the rest of us just got a little happy haha.

Jesse they all came back from Cafe Del Mar halfway and he was veddy high hahahaha and rather different. We all ended up at the beach where Kim and I amused ourselves cartwheeling and spying on couples on the Cafe Del Mar daybeds.

Leaving to go home, unglam already.

Trying to get a cab at night in Sentosa is just freaking IMPOSSIBLE. We left the hotel at 3am and half and hour later we were still walking and trying to call a damn cab but none would come into Sentosa. Thank goodness we managed to hitch a ride from Roy's parents out of Sentosa.

Kimberly's blog: "5 of us squashed at the back with me on Sophie's lap and Abel on Daniel's lap and Roy veh comfortably between all of us."

Haha Kimberly the only East-sider went off in her cab while we happy centrally located people (Abel, Daniel and I) get to share cab $_$ yay.
Monday, September 17, 2007
My goodness why does everyone care how I sound like on my blog? I DID read the newspaper and think to myself that earthquakes seem so novel to us only because we're not affected by tragedy and that it's sad for the Indonesians. Am I obliged to post up this personal thought?

We are a spoilt spoilt Singaporean society whose only crisis is a GST hike, with an apparent lack of misfortune, so I'm sorry that I was unlucky enough not to include a more senstive disclaimer prior to my happy little earthquake post.

I get through my problems by trying to be cheery and ignoring those blueeeeeeeeeees, and yeah I come off as bimbotic and silly. But so? Different people deal with life in different ways.

Anyway thanks to supportive friends; SONIA MAO, I DO NOT have a big nose!!!
Friday, September 14, 2007

Haha this is how ugly we are in school uniform.

Earthquake yesterday was so cool, my classmates and I felt it twice, once at 7.55am and the second during our Chem SPA around 11+?
I'm so happy I've experienced my first natural disaster!

3 classmates and I signed up for litter-clearing at Sungei Buloh tomorrow, omg we have to be in school by 7am...

I have a weird stalker/Sophie-hater. The person actually knows my full name. Yeah yeah I'm a conniving, thieving, lying prat who's fucking ugly but thinks she's damn hot etc.
At the rate I'm studying I'm very worried about promos too.

I really feel very tired of all this. Yeah not replying tags cos I don't feel like it.
If it makes you happy, you can know that you've managed to make me feel very down.
Tuesday, September 11, 2007
I love my zombie on Facebook! I spend the whole day waiting till it's allowed to fight again :o Hahahaha I nominated Roy for "Most Likely to Die a Virgin", go back me up by voting.

I was complaining to my mom about my body and instead of saying
"You're lovely as you are";
nor "Yah fatty go diet" (haha which is something she might say)

She answers: "CANNOT BE GET FROM MY GENES" ...............

I'm such a loser, but a happy one at that because I just downloaded alot of new Fonts
Yes I know the text is not very creative but at least it's uhh.. accurate?

The screen of my phone is completely cracked, there's a huge gash down the middle and I can't see half the screen. (Haha source me out in school to see the possible downfalls of technology)
Everything functions perfectly fine but it's a pain to try reading an sms.
Repair would cost $100+ WTF even with warranty.
Grr so I'm currently using a friend's Motorola, I HATE IT SO ANNOYING.


Sunday, September 09, 2007
zzzzz I finally got a Facebook cos I've been receiving those email invitations and Darrell says he wants to bitch slap me on it.........

Haha but I went into Addie's account first to see what it was about in the first place.

But isn't it annoying to have two friend-connecting-thingy accounts? (Facebook AND Friendster)

School tomorrow why meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Saturday, September 08, 2007
Once promos are over I promise to clear the clutter in my room and try re-decorating my room!

Zzz when I get bored I tinker around with Photoshop and create ugly things......

3hr bio test on only ONE topic (bacteria) on Friday left us all in a flurry to study for it because obviously we were expecting essay after essay to write for the test.

It turned out to be a one hour MCQ test and the remaining 2hours to go through it.. Imagine the cry of indignation and surprise that rang through the Lecture Theatre when we heard the news.

Oh well at least it means I studied one pathetic-o chapter the whole of my originally oh-so-promising one-week study break, and feel fat the rest of the time.
Sigh I am left with two prety big tests to study for next week and a comprehension paper, GET YOUR BUTT OFF THIS CHAIR SOPHIE.

My mother's going clubbing tonight!
Thursday, September 06, 2007
No future no future no life no life living the moment not thinking rationally

i'm so sorry
Sunday, September 02, 2007
Ooh am using Mother's computer because the desktop for my computer refuses to switch on, blogger is in Thai on Mumsie's computer!

Teacher's Day
Addie asked Joshua Mok to help us take a photo on our way out of school.

Joshua: "Am I holding this the right way?"
Addie: " You just effectively took a picture of yourself"

Headed down to StMargs to collect our Leaving Cert, where the security guard absolutely still insisted on making us get visitors passes and teachers we encountered and chorused happily "HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY" to, merely forced a quick smile and then averted their eyes.

HOY HOY according to Phebe, the reason why they have half-day today is because we got good Olevel results!

Anyway we cabbed to town (and we had cabbed to StMargs too), we are getting veddy lazy, and did you know BRATZ THE MOVIE is coming out hahahahaha we are so gonna watch.

Haha check out Addie

We decided to watch Ratatouille! It's not bad, go watch!

Addie: *chirps enthusiastically* "Who wants one of the tickets!! You can put it in your scrapbook!!!"
Sophie: "Okay I'll take one" (not that I have a scrapbook but whatever)
Addie: "Omg you're so lame"

Ouch ouch I just went for a massage. Not those relaxing ones but those tuai nah ones (however you spell it) that is supposed to be more medicinal.

I felt so naked and my shoulders feel extremely battered.