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Friday, September 14, 2007

Haha this is how ugly we are in school uniform.

Earthquake yesterday was so cool, my classmates and I felt it twice, once at 7.55am and the second during our Chem SPA around 11+?
I'm so happy I've experienced my first natural disaster!

3 classmates and I signed up for litter-clearing at Sungei Buloh tomorrow, omg we have to be in school by 7am...

I have a weird stalker/Sophie-hater. The person actually knows my full name. Yeah yeah I'm a conniving, thieving, lying prat who's fucking ugly but thinks she's damn hot etc.
At the rate I'm studying I'm very worried about promos too.

I really feel very tired of all this. Yeah not replying tags cos I don't feel like it.
If it makes you happy, you can know that you've managed to make me feel very down.
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