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Monday, September 17, 2007
My goodness why does everyone care how I sound like on my blog? I DID read the newspaper and think to myself that earthquakes seem so novel to us only because we're not affected by tragedy and that it's sad for the Indonesians. Am I obliged to post up this personal thought?

We are a spoilt spoilt Singaporean society whose only crisis is a GST hike, with an apparent lack of misfortune, so I'm sorry that I was unlucky enough not to include a more senstive disclaimer prior to my happy little earthquake post.

I get through my problems by trying to be cheery and ignoring those blueeeeeeeeeees, and yeah I come off as bimbotic and silly. But so? Different people deal with life in different ways.

Anyway thanks to supportive friends; SONIA MAO, I DO NOT have a big nose!!!
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