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Saturday, September 08, 2007
Once promos are over I promise to clear the clutter in my room and try re-decorating my room!

Zzz when I get bored I tinker around with Photoshop and create ugly things......

3hr bio test on only ONE topic (bacteria) on Friday left us all in a flurry to study for it because obviously we were expecting essay after essay to write for the test.

It turned out to be a one hour MCQ test and the remaining 2hours to go through it.. Imagine the cry of indignation and surprise that rang through the Lecture Theatre when we heard the news.

Oh well at least it means I studied one pathetic-o chapter the whole of my originally oh-so-promising one-week study break, and feel fat the rest of the time.
Sigh I am left with two prety big tests to study for next week and a comprehension paper, GET YOUR BUTT OFF THIS CHAIR SOPHIE.

My mother's going clubbing tonight!
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