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Monday, October 29, 2007

Timbre last week with bearbear Addie, Serena and the lovebirds Dawn and Miguel- "We're gonna go take a walk now" haha what if we had said Oh okay we'll come along.

Cabbed to school for PW today, stupid Chinese As finished an hour late, Warren and Gameboy kept me company in the canteen.

No PW in the end ):

I'm totally penniless ))): Like zero cents and owe money haha and it's only Monday.
And I REFUSE to withdraw more money from my poor account. Although I attempted to, twice, but Cine's machines insisted on a min. $50 withdrawal to which I shall not torture my account with sigh..

Watched The Seeker with Jesslyn, Jeannie and Angel. Er don't watch the storyline's pretty immature and predictable.

First time I'm gonna be spending two whole months holiday in Singapore because ta-daah, I am not going France this year.
Got what to do ah. I want flexible job with flexible hours and flexible working days haha. And yoga/kickboxing class.

My latest hobby is watching Simpsons episodes online er..
Friday, October 26, 2007

$^(@$#@ see how thick the book is? Read read read, LOUSY ENDING >:[
Quite interesting, it paints the scenario of a not-so-distant future of a society embroiled by the effects of human cloning and global warming.
Oh and it's called Sharp North haha.

Anyway my shot in October's Cleo (which by this time that I've finally mentioned this the Nov Cleo's probably out haha)

It's actually in the L'Oreal booklet that comes with Cleo, not in Cleo itself. The first photo is barely recognisable please, but I guess the whole purpose of the shot WAS for a Japanse perm style thingy thingy whateverzzzzz anyway.

School's over, last day today. Promoted, 51 rank points if you're wondering (haha my H2 French contributed a VAST amount to this number). 27 was the number of points needed to promote this year.

SAJC called my mom anyway :( Got scolded :(
Bzzz not going France this year I want to sign up for Kickboxing class! Then I can be like Alice in Resident Evil (<3 zombies so coolzz) kee-yah!!

Imagine you're a zombie acting in Resident Evil then you can go "hnrrrnnn" and stumble around quite cool what haha. "Gimme your best zombie roar!"

If our world were zombie-infested! -

samurai sophie: haha i'd get parang
samurai sophie: then SWING around and slice off a few heads at once
addiephant: yeah right! you confirm lose balance and fall down instead hahahahahhaa

samurai sophie: eh should wear like rugby shoes lorz got spikes then ka-chahhh kick and cut at the same time
addiephant: then i'll bring lighter and perfume so can burn the zombies
Monday, October 22, 2007
He decided to desert his dessert in the desert.

Why so many variations of one word. Try saying it haha.
Sunday, October 21, 2007

Wah unglam unglam unglam, Wednesday, Hong Kong Cafe for CAMILLE'S BIRTHDAY!

Gross RJC couple getting all ooohhh-la-la at the Cine foodcourt ew ew ew do in private please.

Woke up at 4pm oink oink oink.

Sherry came over around 9pm for no reason now that I think about it, because she wasn't staying over after going to DXO that night.

Waiting for non-existant cab.

The queue for DXO was relatively alright wah spotted a few SAJC-ers haha.

Er foursome?

Yeah I notice a repetition in facial poses, you are so boring Sophie. (Haha because when I don't smile got no eyebags what)

Haha Camille and I dropping in for a quickieeeee

Haha er keedingzzz YEAH ROCKERZ SO KEWLZ (not)

That, is Camille. Haha she turning all girly and getting a boyfriend before Phebe and I so must teach her to grind what.

Phebe the grinding-teacher.



Omg Sophie you are damn boring


And to end off:
Friday, October 19, 2007

HAHA Gingerbreadmen Hakka!
Monday, October 15, 2007
Goodness it's 3.50am and I didn't do anything this whole weekend but sleep, read and go online.

Brief reprieve on Saturday where a few of us headed down to Darrell's house (before which I successful managed to get us lost and winding up at Hougang Interchange).

We had rented dvds, was supposed to be horror night plus drinking haha Shaun brought the bOoze.

Hills have Eyes was so lame we ended up continuously switching shows, ordered Macdonalds (HAHA guess who has all the fast food ordering numbers stored in her phone, ahem yes it's Sophie). After a while it practically turned into girl's sleepover er..

Haha the drinks were forgotten except when they amused themselves making up concoctions, we curled up under blankets and watched Bourne Ultimatum.

I fell asleep at 3am and woke up at 4am to see Rugby Semis on (GO FRANCE!) and Darrell playing dota. Cab cab cab home Darrell still hasn't redeemed his manly points.

Darrell's blog: "my missus candydoggychan has recently gone for an operation"

Omg otherwise translated as his dog CANDY, the only girl he'll ever have.

Haha we left Hitcher at his house, bet he won't watch it okay I'm horror/gore show wimp too oh well..

Random photos stolen from Valentina:


Friday, October 12, 2007
Didn't go to school on Tuesday. Haha Addie, Darrell and I all woke up at like 4 pm or something.

Flash cos Addie said looks better..

Er elusive stranger in the background (haha Darrell)

Wednesday was PW day, ugh but we finsihed pretty early at least.

Went home then met Jesse, Mok, Shaun, Roy and Darrell to watch Resident Evil!
Hahaha I screamed at one part.. Darrell was hiding his face please. The two of us damn pathetico we were seated at the end and the whole row of Shaun, Roy etc kept turning to laugh at us hahaha.

In the end left Shaun, Darrell and I in town, followed the boys in their shopping (or rather just Darrell).
OMG Darrell is huge ATM n00b.
Firstly he tried withdrawing only $10 (whole world knows min. is $20)
Then he entered his PIN wrongly
And he thought his card can only withdraw money but not use as NETS for purchases.

Woke up at an unearthly hour of 5.15am to go to the airport, BEN'S LEAVING FOR AUSTRALIA!

So sad it's weird to think that you can't just call him up if you want to anymore.

New Paper New Face 2007 Finals that night, went with Cassandra and Emiko my fellow 2005 finalists and Paul Twohill and Joakim.
Past year finalists had super good seats in the front row, we could totally see up the girl's skirts and their UNDERWEAR cos the skirts were really that short.

Haha after-party at Thumper, free flow of drinks and food oink.
OH OH Warren's cousin won by the way! Her name is Miriam Wright. Haha Warren was so happy.

Anyway photos another time need to collate all of them first.
Monday, October 08, 2007
Haha uh pretty massive number of photos!
Anyway PROMOS OVER I'm so happy cos no I can waste time without feeling guilty (a very favourite pastime).

My weekend!

Finished H1 Geog exam at 3.40pm, got my cab stolen by some BITCHY AUNTIES so I decided to endure the sweltering heat and took a bus home.

Dropped by on classmates having dinner but didn't join them

Met Sherry, Phebe, Addie, RachelNg and Camille! Er we ate at Taka FoodCourt please haha.

Wound up at Borders where I happily showed Sherry all the super lame cheesy romance novels with so-called steamy love scenes! Haha I remember one line: "And he turned his attention to the golden bush between her thighs"
Wtffff right......................

Teehee our dance moves hahahahahahaha

Addie and I left and met Sonia and Chris, we stopped at the Cellar to say hi to Audrey and Weifen who eventually joined us too for sheesha!

Sophie: I'm hungry you all ordering anything?
Others: NO I just ate/you fatty/etc
SOPHIE'S food arrives
Others: Can I try?
AHEM and they didn't stop at trying and finished up all my food so we had to order more oink oink.

Met Valentina and Sam at Cityhall I cabbed there cos Valentina will scold if I'm late (which is er, like always) waste my money $_$. I ABHOR/LOATHE/HATE going through Little India-Chinatown-Bugis area because it's always so DAMN CROWDED.

Wound up in town:


Sam left and it was just Valentina and I (two spinsters hahaha).
Purple scarf is not mine! Is Valentina's! She bought like 2 more please so we all wore for fun.

HAHAHA terrorist!

Eh eh is not that got so many pcitures of me, there's TONS more of Valentina but she hasn't uploaded hers yet and I cannot post up any of her without her approval haha cos she wants to edit them like the one below:

Those were the original kueh thingys.

Kueh thingys after I decided to squash them.

Omg we spent 15mins in that toilet please hahaha cos Valentina wanted to change hairstyle.

Met Addie so she wore Valentina's 3rd scarf errrrr 3 of us each wearing scarves haha.

Valentina left, Addie and I met Audrey to go Timbre.
Haha my drink tasted the nicest cos Addie was too poor to afford anything other than carbonated water and Audrey's mint-whatever tasted like grass hahaha.

Gross a guy stumbled past us and just totally VOMITTED as he ran down the steps the semi-digested food was flung everywhere fucking sick we changed places thank you.

Haha dedications to Slutty the singer/dancer from us his xoxo seCreT adMirerS.

Ben's surprise birthday/farewell party!! Addie, Jeannie and I reached his condo at like 6pm (okay 6.30pm, we were late).

Haha we opened the function room door and like 30 puzzled faces stared back at us omg awkward silence for a few minutes...............

Our fault that we don't know that many people from CJC meh!! Haha luckily Prema broke the silence and we er, helped ourselves to the buffet lorz.

It got a bit boring cos we didn't know majority of the 80-strong crowd of guests, who were like mostly from CJC and in their cliques so Jeannie and I headed down to the pool:

Ben FINALLY was called home by his parents at 8pm okay, we had waited like 1hr+ for him.Haha omg his face when he opened the door and we all chorused "SURPRISE"!!!!!

Dammit he didn't cry hahaha

Sonia Mao! Who's girlier but er, still HOTTEST GUY ON FACEBOOK hahahaha GO VOTE FOR HER!!!

Got a ride home with Sonia from Ian haha Ian and his dad were horrified to learn that Sonia's condo had a rape occur there and we protectively sat in the car to make sure she didn't get attacked by zombies along the way to her door.

Ben's flying off this Thursday for Australia! :( I've known him since Sec3 when he was hairless and short (like 162 cm haha).
I remember the day he suddenly turned up and said "SOPHIE I'M YOUR HEIGHT NOW" and we were like NO WAYYYY.
Yeah so he's my height now and still hairless haha.


School was a total waste of time today we had no lessons and no programs at all I have no idea why they even asked us to come.

Haha so Addie and I left early and self-invited ourselves to Darrell's house hahaha. The 3 of us huddled in his tiny room on the bed in COMPLETE DARKNESS and watched ResidentEvil2 er...Darrell is no brave protective boy hahahaha.

Cooked lunch and then watched more nonsense on his computer hahaha
"I'm shaking in my sari!!"

Not going school tomorrow no use anyway haha.