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Friday, October 12, 2007
Didn't go to school on Tuesday. Haha Addie, Darrell and I all woke up at like 4 pm or something.

Flash cos Addie said looks better..

Er elusive stranger in the background (haha Darrell)

Wednesday was PW day, ugh but we finsihed pretty early at least.

Went home then met Jesse, Mok, Shaun, Roy and Darrell to watch Resident Evil!
Hahaha I screamed at one part.. Darrell was hiding his face please. The two of us damn pathetico we were seated at the end and the whole row of Shaun, Roy etc kept turning to laugh at us hahaha.

In the end left Shaun, Darrell and I in town, followed the boys in their shopping (or rather just Darrell).
OMG Darrell is huge ATM n00b.
Firstly he tried withdrawing only $10 (whole world knows min. is $20)
Then he entered his PIN wrongly
And he thought his card can only withdraw money but not use as NETS for purchases.

Woke up at an unearthly hour of 5.15am to go to the airport, BEN'S LEAVING FOR AUSTRALIA!

So sad it's weird to think that you can't just call him up if you want to anymore.

New Paper New Face 2007 Finals that night, went with Cassandra and Emiko my fellow 2005 finalists and Paul Twohill and Joakim.
Past year finalists had super good seats in the front row, we could totally see up the girl's skirts and their UNDERWEAR cos the skirts were really that short.

Haha after-party at Thumper, free flow of drinks and food oink.
OH OH Warren's cousin won by the way! Her name is Miriam Wright. Haha Warren was so happy.

Anyway photos another time need to collate all of them first.
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