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Friday, October 26, 2007

$^(@$#@ see how thick the book is? Read read read, LOUSY ENDING >:[
Quite interesting, it paints the scenario of a not-so-distant future of a society embroiled by the effects of human cloning and global warming.
Oh and it's called Sharp North haha.

Anyway my shot in October's Cleo (which by this time that I've finally mentioned this the Nov Cleo's probably out haha)

It's actually in the L'Oreal booklet that comes with Cleo, not in Cleo itself. The first photo is barely recognisable please, but I guess the whole purpose of the shot WAS for a Japanse perm style thingy thingy whateverzzzzz anyway.

School's over, last day today. Promoted, 51 rank points if you're wondering (haha my H2 French contributed a VAST amount to this number). 27 was the number of points needed to promote this year.

SAJC called my mom anyway :( Got scolded :(
Bzzz not going France this year I want to sign up for Kickboxing class! Then I can be like Alice in Resident Evil (<3 zombies so coolzz) kee-yah!!

Imagine you're a zombie acting in Resident Evil then you can go "hnrrrnnn" and stumble around quite cool what haha. "Gimme your best zombie roar!"

If our world were zombie-infested! -

samurai sophie: haha i'd get parang
samurai sophie: then SWING around and slice off a few heads at once
addiephant: yeah right! you confirm lose balance and fall down instead hahahahahhaa

samurai sophie: eh should wear like rugby shoes lorz got spikes then ka-chahhh kick and cut at the same time
addiephant: then i'll bring lighter and perfume so can burn the zombies
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